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Oversized Blazers – New Love…

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Happy February 29th people.

I know some of you went huh? Well, we only get to experience a day like this once in four years and I have no idea how people born on this day feel cos I get to celebrate my birthday on my actual date every year, so I think today ought to be veeery special and should even be declared a public holiday don’t you think? So let’s all pack our bags and go back home. *straight face*

When I’m bored silly, I usually rearrange my wardrobe or rummage through my sisters own for clothes and start playing dress up to pass time. It was on one of such occasions I found this beautiful purple oversized blazer in my sisters wardrobe (technically, the wardrobe is mine now and everything in it hehehe) and even though it isn’t an actual fit I didn’t mind cos to be honest, wearing snug clothes all the time annoys me. I paired it first with my yellow dress, then a black shift dress, went ahead and tried it with a pair of dark blue high waist jeans and a white tank top and I loved the look of all three outfits. The blazer sure adds something to outfits. For this post, I decided to pair the blazer with my white slim pants which is slowly becoming a favourite item in my wardrobe. See how I’ve styled it here, here, here and here.

Oversized Blazer…Oversized1






While drafting this post, I remembered that Sogie(I love her easy sense of style) has a post up on how she styled her own oversized blazer. You can check it out here. I love the little twist she added to hers. How would you style yours?

Oh! Something tells me that there might be another giveaway soon. *winks*

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