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A few days ago, my friend and I decided to go see a movie. The one we settled for was scheduled to start at 3:45PM. With how crazy traffic can get from the mainland to the Island, I suggested we leave at about 12:30 – 1:00PM.

I got to her house a few minutes to twelve and oh dear, madam was no where close to ready. Her reason, ‘she couldn’t find what to wear’ *RME* Of cos she couldn’t find what to wear, with her room and wardrobe looking like a wrestling arena. Was I upset? YES! But after all my ‘ooh it’s not fair and you should have sorted out what you’d wear since’, I dropped my bag and started organising her wardrobe. Sigh… A lot of people dread organising their wardrobes but come on! That’s probably why you never get anywhere on time cos you can’t find an outfit to wear.

So guys, I’ve decided to share some tips I’ve learnt over time from research and experiments while organising my wardrobe.

1. Take out all your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, everything from your wardrobe and place them on your bed.

2. Sort through these items and decide what and what you want to keep. As they say, if you haven’t worn piece of clothing in say 6months, you probably won’t miss it when it’s gone. Give it out.

3. Decide on how you want to arrange your clothes. It could be by color or by item. Personally, I arrange my clothes both by color and items. Dresses, jeans, skirts and pants are placed in one corner, while tops are placed in another corner. All according to color. Yup! That’s me.

4. Hang as much clothing as you can. You could use a certain color of hangers for shirts, another for skirts, etc. This way you know where everything is. Please note that metal wire hangers are not considered the best choice. Plastic, wood, or fabric-covered are less likely to cause discoloration or other issues.

5. Clothes you don’t wear often can and should be placed in a box and not in your wardrobe as this will only occupy space.

6. If you keep your shoes in the lower part of your wardrobe like me, it’s advice able to keep your flats in a shoe organiser. I place two in one partition which allows me store more pairs. I don’t own a lot of heels ‘yet’ so I place the ones I have under my bed. I got my shoe organiser from Dealdey.


 7. Fold your clothes with the prints, design, whatever detail the clothing has facing upwards, this way, you can easily access whatever you’re looking for.

8. You can put up some nails on the inner part of your wardrobe door. This could be used for hanging up scarves, belts, hats etc.

9. If you’ve got drawers attached to your wardrobe, you can fold and place your tees and tank tops there.

10. Make good use of the space under where your clothes are hung. You could place your handbags there or anything you don’t want  placed in the main wardrobe.

There’s more guys but these are the basics any one would need. I can’t say this enough, an organised wardrobe is a girls best friend. Well guys too lol. It gives you some form of sanity plus your room will def look amazing. An organised wardrobe sure gets you out the door faster than when you’ve got clothes all over the place.

In the end, we didn’t get to see the movie so we opted for ice cream and pizza. I didn’t mind so much cos I was mighty proud of a job well done. 🙂

I doubt you’d want to mess up a wardrobe that looked like this. Lol.


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