Online shopping is a thrill for me. I can spend hours on my laptop or phone, scrolling through different stores online, looking for something cool to buy…

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I do this frequently or end up buying something each time but you get my drift right? The experience makes me happy.

There are some people who will rather stick to the traditional method of walking into a physical store and yes that’s cool and all, but that’s not really my thing.

Shopping online sure has it’s benefits (as well as it’s disadvantages) but this post focuses on just the pros of the whole experience. Maybe i’ll put up a post stating the disadvantages later on. The first thing about online shopping is that it;

Is Convenient – Unlike the physical stores, you don’t have to worry about what time it is when shopping online. This is very ideal for busy people who don’t have the luxury of time to go shopping during the day or should I say working hours.

Saves Time & Reduces Stress – Imagine going all the way to the mall or to the market just to look for one item or two especially if it’s quite a distance.

The stress involved in going through racks, looking for different sections for items to buy can be quite exhausting.

Discounts & Notifications – Every store owner wants their customers to return but its harder to keep a tab on your customers with the physical stores.

The online stores have an upper hand with this as they have your records/details and tend to give discounts, rewards to their customers especially does signed up to their newsletters.

I personally love . I have shopped from them a couple of times and I get notified when they have sales, new arrivals and I get discounts too.

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Online Shopping…Online ShoppingPlunging Neck Polka Dot Blouse

No Pressure To Buy Anything – I’m sure we all hate those awkward situations where sales attendants are hovering, urging you to buy something or giving you the eye, quietly judging you even sizing you up when you cant seem to make up your mind. Well you sure don’t get that while shopping online.

You Can Compare Prices Easily- You don’t have to carry a notepad writing down the prices of things so you can remember and compare them with the other stores. Just keep your tabs open and you’re good to go.

Customer reviews – These are very necessary and helpful as they help you decide easily if you’re gong to purchase an item or not. You don’t easily get customer reviews from physical stores except you run into those fellow shoppers who turn your besties while shopping.We all know them lol.

Online ShoppingDragonfly Backpack

Provides you with a wide array of choices – With the physical stores, you have to make do with whatever you find in store except you’re cut out for walking endlessly looking for stuff to buy which can be stressful, but with the online stores, all you need to do is keep opening tabs.

Privacy – Some people get shy when it comes to to shopping for particular items but with online stores and shopping, you can be discrete about it.

Home Delivery – You save yourself the stress of carrying heavy shopping bags home which can be quite uncomfortable if you’re not driving. The online store takes care of delivery and you can pay on delivery for your items in most cases.

Online Shopping…Online Shopping

Snap Button Ribbed Dress

I recommend for those looking to shop from a foreign online store. They have a wide variety of really pretty items and their delivery system is quite fast.

So loves, this brings me to the question. Which do you prefer? The traditional walk in stores or shopping online? Let me know in the comment section.

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  • Ada says:

    Even with the advent of online shopping I still love shopping from stores. Like I really the activity of shopping going out and seeing things and buying them. It turns me on . Online shopping doesn’t do that for me.

  • Jolaade says:

    I prefer walk-ins for outfits because I can try them out there first to see if it fits but for other stuffs, online does it for me, I don’t have to worry about delivery

  • alice says:

    physical stores will take the win for me; the same way i will rather read paper backs than e-book. However, online shopping affords you some freedom that physical stores can’t like shopping naked *lol*

    The dragonfly backpack is sooooooo beautiful!!!

  • Omozafe says:

    shop in person please. That way I’m sure of my purchase. Scammers abound.

  • rajeev says:

    Online shopping by far is the best mode of shopping! Period

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