Olumo Rock is located in the capital city of Ogun state. With a height of 137 meters, and an interesting history, it has fast become a tourist attraction… 

Olumo Rock

According to oral tradition, the rock was said to be used as a fortress by the Egba people in the early 19th century during a civil war and it was discovered by a hunter called Adagba.

Olumo Rock…

Biba, Lydia,Tofunmi and I had been planning to go on a road trip for a while now but our busy schedules kept clashing, so we took advantage of the Eid break and off we went to Abeokuta.

Here is a breakdown of our road trip.

We all converged at the park in Oshodi (under the bridge), boarded a 6 seater cab which cost N1000 per person but the buses cost N700 or so.

It was about an hour drive to Abeokuta which isn’t bad plus you trust us girls to chatter tirelessly too.

First stop was Itoku market. Itoku can be described as the ancestral home of Adire and as a fabric lover, I had to go check it out.

Olumo Rock

There were beautiful fabrics everywhere and this made choosing quite difficult as I wanted them all. I ended up buying two so keep an eye out for what I’ll make with them.

Next stop the rock. We took a cab from Itoku market which cost N100 each (I think).  All in all, I think transportion in Abeokuta is reasonable.

We paid N1000 as gate fee while kids paid N500. There are other fees too like camera and tour guide fees but we didn’t need those.

The rock climb was an exciting one. You take a flight of stairs before you get to the actual part where you climb up the rock.

Tip: It’s wise not to rush up those flight of stairs if you are as unfit as I am 😂

Olumo Rock

I also advice you carry a bottle of water or whatever your preference is during the climb.  It’s also important to wear something really comfy and a pair of sneakers is ideal for that firm grip whilst climbing.

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock

I could lay here all day hehehe

Olumo Rock

Made it to the top!

Olumo Rock

The Girls – Lydia, Tofunmi, Biba & I

Olumo Rock

Tired but happy. We made it to the top!

A short clip of how scared we were at some point lol. I’m super glad I went on this trip. Next stop for the girls and I will be Idanre hills. Super excited!!!

Have you ever been Abeokuta or climbed the rock? What was your experience like? 

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