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Oh! What A Day…

By November 5, 2015January 12th, 201722 Comments

Oh! what a dayMe, 5:05am Wednesday Morning…

I woke up, strike that cos I have a terrible sleeping pattern and barely sleep), so it’s I got off my bed at 5:05am instead of the usual 5:30am. Said my morning prayers (the devil was def at work cos I started mumbling and nodding off and this was pretty annoying cos I barely slept the night before).

After deliberating on what to wear (even though I had ironed an outfit the night before) , I dressed up (in the same outfit I had ironed the night before) *smh*, applied a lil foundation and powder (which I wiped off 2mins later), and I was set for work. I looked at my watch, it was just 5:15am and even though it wasn’t so bright outside, I set out to work.

After waiting for about 17mins, a bus came along. I really like to sit by the window but as this bus was almost full, I opted for a seat close to the door. A few mins later, a woman with a dusty basket came squeezing in. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she had to hold the basket over our heads cos there was no space for it. I don’t have to tell you all that I ended up dusting my hair n dress right? After dusting the dirt off me and nodding to her ‘eye Pele sogbo’, I reached for my earphones so I could drown all the noise around me and closed my eyes…

I must have drifted off to sleep cos next thing I knew, there was an extra weight on my laps. One much heavier than the almost empty handbag I was carrying to work. Apparently, the woman with the dusty basket had reached her bus top and another with three kids had entered the bus. She clearly had no intention of paying for seats for them so I was made the good samaritan and the youngest of the three kids had been ‘shifted’ onto my laps. The woman saw my eyes open in confusion and quickly launched the ‘apologies’  saying ‘eh sister o, abeg no ves o. Abeg just hepp me small we go soon reach our bustop, u hear?’. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with this arrangement, I nodded and said ‘it’s okay’ before passengers will say I’m wicked or I don’t have home training, Hian.

Let’s fast forward to when I got to my bus top. Cos I didn’t bother opening my eyes again after the incident, I didn’t notice that the child had left a patch of only heaven knows what on my dress. I rushed off to the rest room as soon as I got to work and washed that area off hoping the patch would disappear. This only made it worse. A sad reminder that my car is bad and I have no valid drivers license. Sigh!

Anyway, I got to my seat, set up my laptop and while waiting for it to boot, (I didn’t shut down properly the day before), my eyes kept following the faint blue circle on the screen. You all know that circle right? The one that indicates loading. Well my eyes kept following it and I must have fallen asleep cos my colleague woke me up to ask me for report that was 10mins due. Oh dear…

The rest of the day dragged, and come 5:30pm I was ready to go home. Let’s rush through this part, I missed the first bus home cos one fat lady insisted on walking sooo slowly on the narrow road, and every time I tried to overtake her, she would increase her pace as if we were in some race to the bustop. I had to wait for the next bus to fill up which took about 20-30mins, which resulted in me getting home a lil later than usual and missing most part of Laali on Zee world (my mum and big sis got me hooked).

Now to the best part. I lay my bed every morning cos I love the feeling of getting  into a well laid bed at night. Not that it makes me sleep or sleep better, it’s just somewhat soothing. So despite how shitty my day had been, I looked forward to getting into bed only for me to fling my room door open and my nieces had done some major damage on my bed.

Oh! What A Day

Oh! What A Day…

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • sophie says:

    Even though it seems you had a bad day, I can’t help laughing at the way you described it. I hate it when women do that in buses. As if we aren’t all uncomfortable enough.

    ‘Pele shogbo’ loool.

  • efegigi says:

    Lol. To me, u just had an rich day, il cut cane for dem nieces. Lol.

  • francis says:

    I was in a bus from Lagos to Ogun State when one Iya with abt 4 kids (wey all of them drag height) boarded. She paid for only one seat so she drafted me to “lap” one (for that kind journey!). Along the way someone needed to get off but I was in the way so I had to step outta d bus. I dropped the kid on d sidewalk and Iya let loose a long string of gbo gbo konk yoruba abusing me for dropping her kid out the bus. See wahala!!! For pickin wey I no get share inside.

    P.s u woke by 5am and left for work at 5.12am. Madam u no baff

    • Grace Gigi says:

      You sef, why did you drop the child on the side walk looool.

      Eyys 5:15am. I showered jo

      • Jen says:

        I thought I was the only one that noticed that you did not baff!
        This your day ehn! At least it made for a great read so some good came out of it.
        I entered one bus one day and this boy of about 15 entered with his sister of about 7. The girl sat on my lap and said “aunty pls lap me”. I was about to say “no problem” even though I was wondering whether her brother’s legs were suddenly broken when 2 or 3 passengers (in typical Nigerian I-cannot-mind-my-business fashion) shouted “ahn ahn, your brother no fit lap you?!”. The brother dragged the girl off my laps and unto his with immediate alacrity.

        Nigerian and Natural

  • Tobey says:

    The part of helping a woman carry her child is almost a normal thing for me when I enter a bus, sometimes even “keke marwa”. Lmao @the fat lady walking slowly on the narrow road, and increasing her pace when u try to overtake her? Now thats crazy.
    What a day you had. Pele dear.

  • Gigi Ifeoluwa says:

    It was good you helped with the kid dear, but next time do it because it’s good to, not because of what others would say cos u have the right to choose not to and also she did not ask nicely before dumping d kid on u. I would have made her ask nicely. If Naija no gree make people born plenty, make dem born their manageable size.

  • dleonalife says:

    I am so envious of anyone that can wakeup early in the morning. epele about your day. I am pretty sure there was some nice parts about, maybe the food eh. Enjoy the rest of your day Grace

  • Annie says:

    Lol… I was expecting the part with the ninjas. If they don’t scatter your bed who will? Don’t worry maybe we will send abj ninja to join the team.

  • ann says:

    Oh wat a day!!!!!

    Your post just made my evening. Got me laughing real hard. Thanks plenty.

  • Nedoux says:

    Hahahahaha! You had quite a day Grace.

    Lol @ “eh sister o, abeg no ves o.” We feel entitled to kindness in Nigeria. 😀

    Nothing like jumping into a freshly laid bed at the end of the day. These adorable nieces sha, I remember the day my niece, twisted the entire length of my lipstick outwards with the cap still on, major mess. Lol

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  • sharron says:

    What a day you had girl! Whenever i am using public transport, i want a seat by the window, free enough and i always avoid seating next to someone with kid(s). I once had a kid spill some juice on my dress on my way to work. I do love kids, but in such instances, i just cant. This was a lovely read, next time make sure you push the fat lady out of the way in case you might miss the bus again…Lol just kidding.

  • Bookie says:

    LMAO! Lagos Chronicles!
    I don’t even have a friendly face when I’m in commercial buses so I doubt I’ve ever had that “abeg sister no vex make my pikin siddon for your lap”

  • ifunanya says:

    LoL, there are no words to how much i can relate with this. i even have a couple drafts on my sorrows.
    Well i always try to stay positive and remind myself that thins could be a lot worse….
    Pele, shogbo??


  • tolufemi says:

    I liked this one best I guess

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