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That Off Season Feeling + Giveaway [Closed].

By December 29, 2016August 18th, 20177 Comments

Off season

Seasons greetings loves. I hope you all had a good 25th, not forgetting to celebrate Jesus, the reason for the season…

Off Season Feeling…

It’s been an off season feeling for me as I didn’t quite catch the Christmas bug this year. My 25th was pretty quiet, I spent a great part of it watching a series called ‘The player’ (I think I like it) and eating plantain chips and drinking Coke.

I planned to shoot three different Christmas outfit posts plus some giveaways, but this off season mood got to me so I let it slide. The outfit posts that is as the giveaways will definitely still hold.

It’s been so bad, I’ve even toyed with the idea of shutting down my blog. The lack of motivation is so real but I’m fighting it.

Come 2017, God keep us all, I plan to change a few things on the blog and work with more bloggers and brands. Yes to growth and more exposure.

The harmattan has finally reared it’s dusty head yaay! I’d take the cool air and dust over the heat any day.  I expected it to come earlier but… At least it’s here now right. You can read my post on the my harmattan essentials here.

On to the giveaway. There will be three giveaways on the blog and I am kicking it off with this cute denim ipad2/3 keyboard case. I think it’s 9.7inches.

Not the conventional item eh but I’m sure someone out there needs it. You could even win it and gift it to someone who needs it, Yes?

Off season

Off season

Off season

The rules are pretty simple. 

I’ll put up a post on instagram mentioning this post. All you need to do is,

  • Comment on here what your favourite post on my blog is.

The winner will be picked using the random name picker tool and announced on Saturday. The selection process will be on my insta story for all to see.

The keyboard case comes with a charging cable but I forgot to take pictures of it. 

In other news, “Falling short by låpsley” has been on repeat and I think it beats all the songs I fell in love with this year, even ‘Certain things by James Arthur’ wow!

How are you guys feeling this season?


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  • Lade says:

    My dear it’s not only you.. I’m just forcing the Christmas feels but it was/is really dull in Lagos. Don’t shut down the blog o biko… Cheers to the end of the year!

  • olufunmiblog says:

    I don’t get the part where I have to tag my friends with the caption…..and to my favourite post of the year,that’s a bit difficult cos i’M ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER POST FROM YOU…..but I think my favourite post will be…ok….”skin care regimen*product review” I adopted your skin regimen(not with the same product) and It has been working well for me,so thank you Ms Jacobs and Compliment of the season.

  • Gwendolyn J says:

    A different kind of love

  • mzjolaade says:

    My dear, lack of motivation can be really depressing, I’m glad U’re licking dat tot of urs closing d blog away, it’s a really inspiring blog so pls don’t. D harmattan showed it’s head on d 26th nd i was lyk God has a sense of humour for gifting us harmattan on boxing day. Yaaaay to d giveaway

  • Nkeiruka Chukwu says:

    My fave post would be “alone but not lonely”.
    Don’t give up on your blog. I know writing isn’t easy but you and the blog are doing great. Besides, we love to see you in lovely outfits. May 2017 be an extraordinary year for you and the blog.

  • Omo says:

    I love the weather. I’m giddy about Christmas and I want a pair of shoes. Gracias.

  • Goodness says:

    My favourite post is the one about the Lekki Conservation Centre. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful pictures and I hope to visit soon.

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