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November Came Knocking With Some Humour…

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November is already proving to be a month to remember… ?

As I type, I’m sitting here and by here I mean the hospital, listening to Chemistry by Falz & Simi patiently waiting for my injection when the nurse beckons on me to step inside.

I’m a bit skeptical because she’s on the phone grinning and chatting away, so I pause at the door hoping she would end the call but Alas! She reaches for her earpiece. Wait!!! What?!!! Interesting…

Hello November…

Let’s fast forward the part where she mouths “have you eaten” and the part where I mouth back “are you sure you’re reading my file properly“, to the part where she actually fills up the syringe and gestures for me to turn around and *pause*

*pause* errr there’s still a *pause*, I start to look around tapping my left foot still waiting *pause* Bear with me guys, I did the same thing too.

Until my gaze landed on her. This missy had her hands clapsed over her mouth trying to stiffle her laugh. It was quite obvious at this point she was talking to a guy *RME*

I’m supposed to get upset at all of this right? I mean not only was she being unprofessional, she was wasting my time but nope, I couldn’t be bothered.

You see, I found it quite amusing the way her eyes kept lighting up and her smile made her look real pretty plus I was in no hurry to have that needle stuck in my bum so… No hurries it is just the 1st of November after all lol.

Finally she stabs my bum with the needle (Still on the phone) and in less than 10seconds we are done.

No, she didn’t rub my bum to ease the pain, nor did she hand me a lolipop or a sticker for being brave (judge me not). I’m just happy day one of my three day injection is done and someone (the nurse) is in love.

I left the hospital with a smile on my face hoping I can keep it in place for tomorrow marks Brians fourth remembrance and yes it still hurts!

I hope you all had a good 1st of November.

Kisses loves!!!

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