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Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

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Natural Hair & Beauty Show

I was pretty excited when Demi from the thebloggerpoint contacted me asking if I would like to be an official blogger for the Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show…

I have never attended any of such events due to time or interest but one has to go out there and socialise Ive figured so why not.

The event was scheduled to start at 11am at the Harbour point and being a very time concious person, I got there at a few minutes to 11am. ?

Let’s get straight to it shall we. Post might be a little lengthy with lots of pictures, but please stay with me.

The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show kicked off with Registration, photo wall, video confessions and of course shopping.

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show@kinkyapothecary

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show@mynubianroots

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show@Valerieblack_

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show@sprinkledspiced

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Then there was a workshop featuring Felicia Leatherwood who is a celebrity stylist & founder of Loving Your Hair with Natural Care.

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty ShowNigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

She enlightened us on important things like:

  • Hair texture – How to determine your hair texture and this is done when the hair is wet.
  • She also taught that the number is the texture of the hair while the alphabet is the thickness of the hair. Eg 4c. Textures that fall under 4 need butters and creams.
  • Oils go on the scalp. Trust me when I say I never paid attention to this. I would oil just my hair and ignore my scalp. Little wonder I have dry and itchy scalp.
  • Length retention. To retain lenght, it is adviceable to plait/twist your hair after washing. Hair should be trimmed every 3/4 months. Diet as well as the genetic factor can also affect the growth of our hair.
  • It is better to shampoo your hair dry before water. This helps with cases of dandruff and eczema.
  • After washing your hair, detangle and twist. Apply your conditioner and rinse out while twisted. Squeeze out the water and style. This helps retain some of the conditioner in the hair keeping it moisturized.

She also showed us a practical on how to do an up do. The model has such gorgeous hair. #Jealousmuch

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Yagazie Emezi. Multi-disciplinary Artist & Documentary Photographer.Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Yagazie talked about challenging beauty standards through photograpgy. Having one herself, she currently captures women with scars and their stories of  their stuggles, coping mechanism and how the society regards them.

The aim is to promote self love and accepting oneself regardless of the physical scars they bear.

Ijeoma Eboh. Founder of Klassy Kinkyimg_0207-01

Ijeoma covered the do’s and dont’s of coloring natural hair. During her workshop I learnt the followning.

  • Different kinds of hair color. There’s the temporary hair color and under this we have: Hair chalk/Eyeshadow, Spray color and Rinses & glosses. Then there’s the permanent hair color and under this we have: Semi permanent(lasts 6washes and contains less amonia than the demi permanent), demi permanent(last 12washes and contains less amonia than the semi and permanent color) and then the permanent.
  • Tips for coloring hair:
  1. Find inspiration.
  2. Start small (dont just go all out with a color)
  3. Research on the colorists making sure they have colored peoples hair with the same texture as you and get feedback.
  4. Ensure you have healthy hair before coloring.
  5. Avoid heat styling.
  6. Deep condition + protein treatment
  7. Trim every 8weeks.
  8. Color your hair dry.

Gaelle Prudencio. Advocate for the Body Positive Movement In France. Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Gaelle threw more light on what the body positive movement is all about. She shared her story which was quite inspiring and how she has been able to cope being a plus sized woman plus the challenges she has faced.

She also talked about the importance of self identity and loving one self. She is currently on a journey to being very healthy and urges everyone to understand that there is no competition when it comes to self love.

Efik Zara – Natural Hair Vlogger img_0240-01

Efik Zara took on defining your brand/ Aesthetic, Growth and Being the best you can be. She talked about defining ones style and staying true to it.

Creating aesthetics that are in line with ones style and brand is very essential and consistency is key.

Some pretty faces at the event….Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

I didn’t stay till the end so I missed the live demo of installing crochet braids by Kiitan. Bummer!

All in all the Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show was a good event and I’m glad I attended.

Ever been to such an event? Please let me know your thoughts on them…

Kisses loves!!!

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