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February made it a year since I’ve been natural ( I think) and I’ve have been getting quite a lot of comments and questions regarding my hair. Since I sometimes get tired of repeating the same thing to different people, I decided to put up a post capturing most if not all of the questions I get.

Why did I go natural? Going natural was a personal decision I made after ALOT of research was carried out as well as weighing the pros and cons of it all and not cos so many people are going natural. I have very thick and full hair and on those days I visited the salon to retouch my hair, I ended up looking like nothing was done, so I woke up one day and decided to go natural.

Did I do the big chop or transitioned? I transitioned unconsciously. When my hair wasn’t in its natural state, I would retouch twice a year. sometimes once, so I had like 3 inches of natural hair already and with the kind of hair I have, it was easy to trim the relaxed ends and ta-da naturalista!

Products used? I started out as a product junkie. I tried everything and anything as seen on blogs, you tube, instagram you name it. I so badly wanted my hair to be as soft and curly as other peoples hair but I soon found out that hair textures differ and patience is key. Now I’m faithful to Water ( ooh trust me, water is a nauralistas bff as your hair has to be moisturised 24/7). I use Cantu leave in conditioner, Raw coconut oil, Black Jamaican castor oil and the sweet smelling whipped batter from Kinkyapothecary. I use glycerine from time to time though and eco styler.

What’s my Regime? LOC method (leave in conditioner, Oil and Cream). I tried the LCO (Leave in conditioner, cream and oil) method a couple of times and found out that my hair responds better to the LOC. I also have a spray bottle where I mix water, coconut oil, glycerine and castor oil, I spray the mixture on my hair any time I feel like. You can’t over moisturise your hair you know. I also deep condition once a week, wash my hair once a week if its not in a protective style like braids, weavon, twists e.t.c. I sometimes co wash as well. I’ve tried the hot oil treatment just once and made a mess of the whole thing but I intend to try it out again. I go to bed with my satin cap on ( you can use a satin pillow if you don’t want to wear a cap to bed). This helps retain moisture.

Sadly, I am not as devout as most people are when it comes to my hair but its growing and its healthy so bleh…

Here are some pictures of my hair. I didn’t plan for this post so the pictures might not be tagged ‘blog worthy but *rme*

Bun. Achieved with a Denman brush, eco styler and a rubber band.


Twist. My sister helped twist my hair while I slept 🙂 they ended up looking like short kinky braids. Me likey.


Finger coils. Wash and section hair. To each little strand of hair,  apply eco styler and twirl round the finger. Keep wetting your hair as you progress. Took four hours. PHEW!

image                           Let it FRO!!!

imageAnother Twist.

imageShrinkage is real.


I tried the bantu knot the other day and failed woefully but I intend on going to a natural hair salon to get it properly done much later. Next up is the crochet braids, but I honestly prefer my hair in the fro state.

Remember darlings, moisturise your hair regularly and DO NOT comb your hair when dry. Want to go natural? The internet is at your service, you’ll find all sorts. Hopefully you don’t run mad from reading and trying out too

My hair is currently nose long in front. Too bad I don’t have recent pictures to show you guys.

I follow a lot of cool natural hair blogs. Here’s a list of the ones I remember.







Check them out, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two or ten. 

Toodles loves.



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