Skin Care Regimen X Product Review.

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Hi guys! Enjoying the holiday?

I apologise for the break in transmission. The last post on the Black Series will go up soon, but I would first like to share my skin care regimen with you guys and this post will also serve as a product review.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This review is based on my personal opinion.

That being said, a few months ago, I was tagged on a picture on instagram. It was posted by @teamnaturalng so I thought to check it out. They produce and sell natural skin care products (which I believe some can be doubled as hair products too. Life of a current & smart alaroro).

They have all sorts. From the sea salt scrub to coconut oil, unrefined Avocado oil, Polishing black soap etc… since I’d been planning on taking better care of my skin, and their products being all natural, I decided to try them out. I opted for the sea salt scrub, liquid organic chocolaty soap, brightening black soap and exfoliating sponge.

Skin care products.

imageSea salt scrub.

Mineral content: Sodium and chloride.

Benefits: Exfoliates skin to remove rashes on the face/ scrubs out dark patches on the face and body.

How to use: Add two tablespoons of salt and a spoon of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and scrub problem area. Wash immediately with soap, preferably team natural black soap.

imageLiquid organic Chocolaty soap.

Content: Potash, palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil and fibre.

Benefits: Removes black heads, removes pimple scars and lightens the complexion.

How to use: Wash face and rinse off immediately. Do not use to douche.

imageBrightening black soap. Comes in a transparent wrap. I put mine in this container.

Content: Palm oil, palm kernel, Potash, coconut oil and fibre.

Benefits: It reduces black heads, Clears acne marks, Gently brightens the complexion.

How to use: Wash body and rinse off immediately. Do not leave lather on the face, do not douche with it.

imageExfoliating sponge also known locally as Koin Koin.

How to use: Soak in water for 30 minutes before use. Do not use on face.

Benefits: Removes dead skin as well as removes cracks and dirt on the heel and sole of the feet.

My Regimen. 

I scrub try to scrub my body three times a week and my face once a week. I found out that mixing the salt and coconut oil in my palm isn’t so convenient, so I got a plastic bowl where I mix them and scoop from there (I usually mix enough for my whole body). The first time I used the mixture I was a bit confused cos after washing off with soap (brightening black soap), I noticed my body was a little bit oily. I later found out that the coconut oil is sealed in my skin and acts as a moisturiser. Since my skin doesn’t feel too oily afterwards I really don’t mind plus no need for extra oiling.

As advised by the lady who sells the products, I wash my face with the Chocolaty liquid soap after scrubbing as it’s milder than the black soap (I wonder how so cos they both have the same ingredients or could it be that the liquid soap has less of these ingredients than the soap?) Beats me.

On other days, I drop some coconut oil into my bath water and use either the brightening black soap or the Chocolaty liquid soap, as both can be used for the body. I use the brightening black soap on my face on the days I don’t scrub and moisturise with coconut oil.

Even though I’m not consistent, I have noticed a little difference in the appearance of my skin. It feels well moisturised, smoother and supple and my skin tone is brighter. My knees are not so dark anymore (shame to my kneeling down days in secondary school), and my feet don’t look and feel as dry. Time to focus on my elbows as well.

I haven’t started using the exfoliating sponge yet. Nobody got time for soaking just yet, but all in all I’d say yes to these products.

What’s your skin care regimen? You can share using the comment box below.

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