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Harmattan, the cool dusty air that ushers in the feeling of Christmas…

Finally the weather has changed. I dunno about you, but I definitely prefer this cool dry air to the nasty heat we were dealing with even though we all know how unfriendly the harmattan can be. For instance, If you’ve got an injury, it might take a longer time to heal, People are prone to dry and cracked skin and lips, sore throat etc..

That being said, I decided to share a few things I use to combat the weather.

My Harmattan Essentials…Harmattan1Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil as we all already know is the next best thing after the Blue pack MnMs. It helps in moisturising the skin and hair. Sometimes, I pour a few drops in my bath water. This helps lock in the moisture. I also use it as my body oil or mix it with my body cream and as you all know, I’m a naturalista so It comes in handy. A few drops of coconut oil mixed with a lil bit of castor and rosemary oil with water in my spray can and I’m good to go. Helps reduce breakage as well as leaves my scalp and hair moisturised.

Harmattan2Lipgloss / Lipbalm.

Bye Bye Matte lipsticks, hello Lipgloss. Lipglosses and Lipbalm are lifesavers or should I say lip savers. They keep the lips moisturised and soft saving one from dry and cracked lips. I love the eos and the Victoria secrets cos apart from the shine, I get a lil color (from some of them) and they all have a yum taste.

harmattan3Hand Cream. 

Dry season or not, I always have hand cream in my bag. I like the Neutrogena hand Cream for dry skin cos it’s oil based, but couldn’t find any so I opted for this one. It’s been sitting in my wardrobe for a while now.


On days I’m not wearing my glasses, I like to wear my contacts. In my experience, contacts tend to make the eye balls seem bigger and for this reason, it’s easier for dust and particles to find their way in. Shades help protect my eyes from such and I get to look cool at the same time. Lol.


My ever faithful Dequadin. The minute I feel a sore throat coming on, I take this. It helps relieve me of the itchy dry feeling in my throat due to the dry weather and any other time.


The importance of water cannot be over emphasised.  It helps hydrate the body and skin and is also good for the hair. Due to the dryness of the weather, I tend  to drink lots of water. On a good day, I drink close to 5-6 of these bottles. Not enough if you ask me.

Harmattan6Sweater / Socks.

Finally, sweater and socks. Generally just to keep warm and to keep my feet and body from turning white (even though they are well moisturised). The sweater also helps on days I don’t feel like ironing my top. Hahaha.

And it’s a wrap guys. What are your harmattan essentials?

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Nedoux says:

    Hi Gracey,

    The ladies in your blog header are looking very festive, very nice. 🙂

    I smelt Christmas as soon as harmattan arrived. I like the cool dry air because, for some reason, my pimples always go into hiding this season leaving me with fresher skin. Lol

    I’ve started applying lotion after my evening shower too,as it gets colder and drier at night.

    Household essential- Shutting the windows to prevent a fine layer of dust from settling all over everything.

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Hi Nedu,

      Oh yes, the ladies are in the festive mood. How true, my skin tends to get smoother and fresher during this period. Shutting the windows or not, dust always finds its way in *sniffs*. Have a blessed week love.

  • Dicey says:

    Harmattan essentials….Get a partner to keep you warm, can help with moisturizing dry skin. Definitely a jacket to keep warm and protect clothing from dust. Lip balm for those of us who keep licking our lips. Good body lotion and oil for the skin and hair. Kleenex to clean those dirty nostrils…everyone should have one. Please let’s stop mising. A bottle of gin and tonic to also keep chill.
    I’m happy Harmattan has finally arrived!!!

  • Oyime J says:

    Lol the picture of the sweater and socks looks so cute. I agree lip balm is very necessary in this dry weather
    Oyime’s Musings

  • efegigi says:

    Lol, I thought u loved d harmattan, ok well I guess u love it that’s why ure prepared. I only have vaseline and I’m tired of d Christmas though. Hehehe.

  • jamalsparks says:

    So very on point but u forgot gloves for those that work at night and jacket cos only sweater can’t chase the cold up my hill but I love what the blog represents

  • New Dawn says:

    Thanks for the harmattan nuggets. I use coconut oil for my hair and skin too. Will definitely start adding a few drops to my bath water.

    If you can’t shut your windows, at least drop the ‘day blinds’. They help to reduce the inflow of dust. Housekeeping is more difficult during this season.

    Stay hydrated and moisturised ladies!

  • francis says:

    I refuse to be intimidated by the harmattan. I’m doing nothing unusual. Carrying nothing extra. If worse comes to worst, my trusty colleague Amaka has a half dozen of each essential in her handbag so there!

  • Ijenna Osuji says:

    Mehn! You will not believe this! I had a post ready for next week Monday with this exact title! Exactly like this. I’ll still do mine. Never thought the whole sore throat possibility. Nicely done.

    It’s My Birthday Today!

  • Gigi Ifeoluwa says:

    Nice one there grace. Thanks for those tips, very timely. If nothing to gain from harmattan, at least u can wash ur work clothes few hours to wearing them and u don’t have to pray against rain for weddings and other festivities. Compliment of the season to y’all.

  • bisi says:

    thanks grace, didn’t know dequadin was an essential until now…..thumbs up

  • Lade says:

    I wish I had the luxury that is harmattan!! Its all humid here forever and a day more. Tsk
    Nice list though!! And I’ve been loving lip glosses more of recent.

  • Sandra says:

    I love harmattan too. The heat was frustrating.
    Lip balm, hair & body butter (shea, cocoa) and lots of drinking water are my essentials.
    Lagos harmattan is a learner where Kano’s is so no socks or sweater for me.
    Thanks for reminding me about adding oil to my bath water. I forgot how nice that is

  • Chidalu says:

    greatpost. I decided I must read it becuase I just posted something similar on check it and let me know what you think.

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