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My current wishlist ?

By October 18, 2016August 18th, 201712 Comments

Current wishlist

“Wishlist – a list of desired things”

From time to time I create a wishlist for items I either need or just desire. This wishlist helps me plan on what item(s) to get first (order of priority) due to Buhari’s Economy budget…

I’ve put up a wishlist before here and I think I ended up getting three of the items on it. Today, I’m sharing my current wishlist and i’ll be honest and admit it’s all based on sheer desire. Okay except some.

Let’s dig right into it shall we…

Current Wishlist…

#1 on my list is this cute tote bag from @eeni_edit

Current wishlist

I follow her on Instagram and I must say she has the most amazing page ever! Her posts are mainly illustrations and she’s got stylish illustration tote bags and phone cases for sale and I’m eyeing this one alot.

#2. @rocandreligion tee ???

Current wishlist

I’ve been meaning to get one for like forever now. The designs on their tees and shirts are actually hand painted and you can request for any design too. How cool!!!

#3. NYX Matte Lipsticks.

Current wishlist

Lately, ive been using makeup albeit little, and fun but subtle colored lipsticks, lipglosses are definitely my thing. So I’d categorise these as a need hehe.

#4. Wrap bracelets – @Southernpanterr

Current wishlist

I loooove accessories especially anything that can be worn on the wrist, and these bracelets have caught my eye big time. The spirial gold ends do it for me and they come in different colors. Sweet!

#5. The Harry Potter Collection

Current wishlist

I used to have all the books until the “please let me read and never return” friends took them all save for the last one. I love how imaginative J.K. Rowling is and I pay no mind to those who think its “demonic” ???.

#6. Wilhelmina #BeGlam fragrance

Current wishlist

Yes please! I currently own a bottle but I have been looking for this fragrance for ages and finally found it. I really dont mind getting more bottles ASAP lol. Wilhelmina has five of these fragrances (Be Chic, Be flirty, Be glam, Be Inspiring and Be Fab), but I prefer this one cos it’s mild.

#7. Canon 85mm and 50mm f1.8 lenses.

Current wishlist

Canon 85mm and 50mm f1.8 lens

Now this is a super need as I still havent replaced my broken lens. As a blogger I know quality pictures are a plus and I cant keep using my phone to take pictures, plus I’m also thinking of taking photography classes.

#8. Pink transparent goodness from Shoelastique

Current wishlistI will admit that this seems a little daring for me as most of my shoes are black, but I love eeeeet! Who says I can’t rock a nice pair of pink transparent shoes eh? lol.

#9. Colored frames.

Current wishlist

My old frames are way overdue for a change and I’m bored with plain colored frames too, so I’m switching to colored frames. Come to think of it, this shouldn’t be on my list as I have a pair sitting pretty in my friends house. Hmmm.

#10. A Gameboy!!!

Current wishlist

My current wishlist as any other, would be so incomplete without a gameboy. I have been wanting one for ages now and can’t seem to find where to buy one or someone’s own to obtain sef ?. I know gameboys are so old school but I still NEED ONE!

Got a wishlist? What’s on it???

Kisses loves!!!

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