My Blogging Journey started 5 years ago. I was quite naive about a lot of blogging related issues but I was determined to start and make the most out of it.

I was super excited when I hit the publish button on my first post. Albeit short, It was all the push I needed. You can read my first post How it all began

I have grown so much not just as a blogger, but also as a brand owner, so I decided to share my blogging journey and why I started with you all. Who knows, It might just help someone out there looking to start a blog.

My Blogging Journey – Why I Started

Platform – I am a creative. One interested in Fashion, most importantly, ‘personal style’ and so I needed a place to document my thoughts, growth and experiences as I experiment with fashion & style especially on a budget.

The way one dresses is part of one’s identity and I found that there are so many people out there trying to find their sense of style.

Or aren’t comfortable with their personal style.

I wanted to teach and show them that whatever their personal style is, they can make it work, evolve with it and still not lose themselves if that makes any sense.

Network – I wanted to be a part of a community. A place with people brimming with different ideas, different styles and different passions.

A place where I could learn and grow. Today, I belong to an amazing community of bloggers –TheBloggersAdvocate filled with smart, talented and hardworking bloggers.

Run my own business – I have always known that someday I would own a business of my own. I took blogging as a ‘business’ to see how well I could groom and grow it.

Now, I have a business of my own. I am a women’s wear tailor and I will definitely use my blog as a platform to push my business. My business page on Instagram is shop_epiphany29.

My Blogging Journey – Why I Started

Wider Reach – I love to style people, dress up, try my hands on DIY ‘s sometimes, post style tips and tricks and now, Sew! Having a blog sure helps my content reach a wider range of people.

I have readers from different parts of the world and have worked with brands from outside Nigeria.

Develop my skills – I knew that blogging would help me develop new skills and brush up on the ones I already have.

In blogging generally and for the niche I picked, skills like:

  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • Writing
  • Networking skills
  • Social Networking
  • Interaction
  • Technical know-how etc are quite important.

Expression – I am not the best when it comes to expressing myself verbally, but writing them down is easy peasy. I get to share my thoughts and opinions on things without stuttering or you know, holding myself back.

Accountability – I wanted to hold myself accountable for something at the time (I still do). Having a blog meant I was responsible for something. I wasn’t going to let myself start and stop even though I have been tempted to so many times.

My journey has been an amazing one. It sure comes with its challenges but It’s been totally worth it.

I have grown from that naive rookie blogger to one who has grown, learnt the basics of blogging and more, and working with amazing brands.

I have also made some good coins off blogging. Cha Ching!!!

And built some amazing friendships. Boy am I glad I hit that publish button...

Stay You, Stay Beeeyuteeful

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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