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Morning Ritual…

Wake up –> say my morning prayer –> reach for my phone; scroll through messages, hiss at some, reply some, delete some –> stagger to my wardrobe; fling the door open –> stare for like 2 minutes, hiss, roll my eyes, fall back into bed and scream ——-> ”I need more clothes”…

Sigh! This has slowly become my morning ritual, and I honestly think its becoming worse. Even if I went shopping the day before, it still seems like I have no clothes. I’m beginning to think my wardrobe has a secret hole I don’t know of so maybe clothes fall into it or something. Hehehe. Anyway, on this glorious day, I woke up, performed my normal ritual, then showered, went back to my wardrobe, toyed with the idea of wearing a tee to work (yes my office is cool like that), tried on a dress or two, changed my mind *sigh*. I eventually ended up wearing what I call my most comfy pair of pants and a shirt I have recently come to adore. I think its because of the color or maybe its the prints? …




I know I’m not the only one with this ‘I need more clothes syndrome’ so if you are just like me, kindly holla o so we can form some group, trade stories and maybe we’ll come up with a solution (more shopping perhaps?) 🙂

Toodles darlings.


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  1. 2 full wardrobes boxes I can’t count yet I don’t have enough clothes! My mum just rolls her eyes. Nd say live in the mall that should help 🙁

  2. Funny how a girl tells you she doesn’t have enough clothes yet comes out everyday looking stunning. I guess its just something you people tell yourself just to find an excuse to go shop some more. God help our ladies…..hehe

  3. I can never have enough clothes despite the fact that I no longer have wardrobe space in my father’s house (I think when he was building the house he didn’t factor me in lol) I still lament of no clothes DAILY.

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