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Monochrome …

image                           Hey Darlings!

Missed me?  Well even if you didn’t, I missed all of you. I haven’t put up a post since cos like every other blogger, I have blogging headaches too like having no one to take my pictures et al, plus I   haven’t really been in the ‘blogging mood’ too so 🙁


Ever since all my white shirts mysteriously disappeared, I’ve been on the look out for one, only to find this one on Jumia and bleh! I hate it. It’s practically China white, the type worn in boarding schools. But before you roll your eyes and ask why I went ahead and received it, I’d like you to know that it was received on my behalf. Yuuup -_-


Good thing I believe in making the best out of horrid situations. I decided to cover my China white (lol) with my ‘Michael Jackson’ jacket I’ve had hanging in my wardrobe for years.



Without the jacket, I feel like a secondary school student lol. image



There’s this thing about white pants. In my opinion, they should be every girls bff. They are absolutely chic!!!

Is anyone as super duper grateful as I am for the rain? The weather has been so hot my mind has started playing tricks on me. I now have imaginary friends pfft!

Outfit deets.

China white – Jumia

White pants – Random

Black jacket – Big sis

Shoes – Cherry Fox (Konga)

Black Hand Bands – Bland2glam

Sidebar : There will be a giveaway on my next post so waaaaaaait for it 🙂

Toodles Darlings.


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  1. I’m wearing white pants today. Now i’m sure i’m hip!! Yay!! Lol! I love the look btw. please ehn, why is it so hard to find that ‘it’ white shirt? Cos like i go out looking for a white shirt with an image in my head and it suddenly feels like the universe has conspired to keep that shirt or anything close to it away from me..

  2. “Without the jacket, I feel like a secondary school student lol.” You really look more of a Chinese student, why not enroll into one??? Lovely outfit really *kisses

  3. I have not considered white pants as an option before, I guess I should try after seeing how beautiful it looks on you. Go girl you rock, and guess what ………………. those smiles on you………….. awesome, I want to see them everyday. Cheers

  4. White and black looks chic and cute on you…photography is good but can be better…In all, its a lovely post.

  5. Hmm, your blogging challenges are quite funny. Anyway you still rocked that ‘China white’, and the background made the pics even better. For white pants, not really my thing. I’ll always prefer a black, brown or blue jean.

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