Is it weird that I hate travelling but I really love to pack? And I must say I am awesome when it comes to packing. I pride myself when it comes to minimalist packing…

I generally hate heavy luggage and I often wonder what people (by people I actually mean ladies mostly) have in their overly packed suitcases when I see them struggling at the airport or bus park.

The funniest part is, If you’re bold enough to ask, you will be shocked to find out that they are gone for just a few day or max, a week. So, this post is dedicated to those who have no idea on how to pack light for a trip.

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Minimalist Packing…

Step1: First thing I put into consideration is the size of bag for the trip. The bigger the bag, the more stuff you tend to carry so I advice you go for a smaller bag. I usually got for a backpack. You can get quality and affordable Backpacks in Nigeria by clicking the colored text.

Their backpacks are of very good quality and they have a variety of cool designs as well with the right amount of space you need for a quick trip.

Minimalist Packing

Step 2: Plan your trip. How long will you be gone for, reason for trip, destination etc. These things will help you know what type of clothing & accessories plus essentials you need to pack.

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Step 3: Lay out all the things you will need think you need for the trip. As you keep reading you will see why you don’t need most of them.

Step 4: Fold the clothes you tend to travel with and place them aside. Personally, I roll up my clothes but this will give you the urge to pack more. So if you know you cannot resist the urge to add more stuff, please fold your clothes instead.

Step 5: Remember you are using a backpack which can double as a Laptop backpack so pack clothes you can easily re wear without calling attention to yourself, (You can always do your laundry in the hotel sink or something if necessary), creating space for your laptop if needed.


Minimalist Packing

Pack a pair or two neutral colored shoes that will fit any of your outfits. A blouse or two okay okay maybe three you can wear with a skirt and a pair of jeans as well and a cute dress.

Extra Tip – Depending on the type of dress and blouse picked, you can wear the blouse over your dress to create another look.

Step 6: Ditch the big bottles and buy those cute small travelers bottles. You an use them for your body oil, conditioner, hair shampoo, you name it. Be sure to pack them in a zip lock bag so the contents don’t spill and ruin your clothes.

Fact is, if you are staying in a hotel (depends on the type tough), you will be provided with these things except you are particular about your body cream/oil et al.

Minimalist Packing

That’s about it from me guys. Remember packing requires practicality so don’t go overboard carrying things you probably might not use on your trip.

To answer your questions, Yes! I am back to blogging and I can’t wait to share with you all whats been going on with me. I have missed you guys and this space so much.

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