MabeliNigeria is an African inspired fashion brand. They are dedicated to making contemporary artistic pieces for the edgy woman…

The brand recently launched their new collection ‘Metamorphosis’ – a fusion of colors, patterns, and prints. The collection consists of unique, stylish designs which seek to define fashion as a form of wearable art!

Their collection consists of pieces that sync with my personal style, so it was a perfect fit when I was contacted by TBA (The Bloggers Advocate) to collaborate with the brand.

I was sent the gorgeous Tinu Dress and was giddy with excitement the minute I got it.

The Tinu Dress is a fun, easy, stripped knee-length dress with patchwork around the bust area plus a well-sized pocket made from African prints.

Mabeli always finds a way to infuse African prints. Me likey!




It’s easy to fall in love with this dress due to one major reason. The choice of fabric used doesn’t necessarily need ironing and that’s a huge plus in my books lol.

I decided to style the dress with black strappy heels and a cute black sling bag, as I wanted all the attention to be on the dress.

The detailing on the sleeves are so cute. The pleats, on one hand, go up, while the pleats, on the other hand, goes down plus the sleeves have a slit too. How cute!





I know that most people shy away from #MadeinNigeria clothing/products for various reasons such as pricing, durability, availability and even product finishing, but I dare to say that this brand stands out when it comes to all that.

Mabeli pays attention to details.

Their product finishing is top notch and I know ‘cos I have worked with the brand in the past and own one of their Ankara bucket bags.

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Yes, their items are durable and most importantly affordable. 

As a style blogger who is all about the ‘fashion on a budget lifestyle’, I tilt towards pieces I can style in more ways than one.

To create another look with the Tinu dress, I threw on my skater skirt and voila, a new look. No one would ever think I was wearing a skirt over a dress now, would they? lol





The Tinu dress costs N7000

If you would like to purchase this dress and more, please follow Mabeli on Instagram. Tell them Grace sent you and who knows you might just get a discount!

I am truly excited about this brand and I love this dress a lot. It’s comfy, trendy and as seen, versatile so don’t get mad when you see me rocking it a lot.

What are your thoughts on this outfit and on Nigerian brands guys? Let’s talk!

Until my next post guys…

Kisses loves!!!

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