I would start this post by saying please believe me when I say this one month hiatus wasn’t planned…

I have been off generally, but I’m slowly getting into the groove of things so please bear with me. Now on to today’s post.

If there’s anything I enjoy more than sewing it has to be shopping. Window shopping that is Lol.

I take my time to search for brands that aren’t yet known widely but offer really good, quality stuff and that’s how I found Mabeli known as MabeliNigeria on Instagram.

Mabeli The Brand… Mabeli

MabeliNigeria is an upcoming afro fashion label that creates contemporary, exquisite, intricate artistic pieces for the daring and confidant woman.

They are into Bridal,  RTW (ready to wear pieces) and Ankara bags which I love.

I got this cute bucket bag a while ago and today, I’m sharing my thoughts on it.


They stock a wide range of vibrantly colored bags which come in different shapes and sizes.

This particular one has my heart because the colors allow for everyday use (for me though) and that’s a huge plus.


I have an unexplainable love for tassels, so imagine my delight when I saw the detailing on this bag.

The silver rings just above the tassels do it for me too.


The material is a smooth soft Ankara fabric and whatever was used as padding is perfect. It gives the bag a firm hold.

The hand and tassels on this bag is made out of a stretchy material so I have no fears of over stretching the hand, or the tassel rope, scared it will slack.

Space & Depth. Mabeli

We girls love a good bag with space and depth to carry our daily needs with which can be a lot depending on the type of girl you are.

The space and Depth of this bag does it for me as I tend to always carry a book or two,  my makeup purse,chargers, phones,  power bank & maybe more.

Sometimes,  you might even find my nieces toy in my bags too Lol.


The finishing which is very important is very commendable. Fine stitching with no loose threads hanging. You can tell attention to detail is a priority for MabeliNigeria.

Click me please… 


Their bags are super affordable. From N5000 (which includes shipping in Lagos),  you can get yourself a very pretty bag.

Just tell them Grace sent you *Wink*

Kisses loves!!!

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