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Lusting: My Jumia Wishlist.


Hey Darlings!

If there’s anything I really love it’s shopping. Walk in store shopping, window shopping, online shopping, in my mind kinda shopping, escorting a friend kinda of shopping, you name it.  As long as it’s shopping (for clothes and the works), count me in.

Fashion as we know it is a way of life as our personal styles define our identities. Shopping for clothing and accessories has definitely become way easier with the help of online stores and truth be told, Jumia is one of my favs. They have a wide collection of amazing items so you can imagine how long it took for me to come up with my lusting “Jumia Wishlist” when I got a mail from Jumia.

Even though I’m currently stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out dresses, I found some that relate with my personal sense of style.

Lusting after…


  • The little Black-White collared Dress. An essential have for every lady’s wardrobe.
  • The Denim Mini Dress which I think is fun and flirty.
  • The Floral Lace Midi Dress. I think this is appropriate for weddings or even dinners. I love the length and the cut of the neck.
  • The Sleeveless Maxi Dress. Fancy an easy fun dress for that girls hangout or to the movies? I would definitely go for this.


  • The Floral Short sleeve Shirt. The color is calling out to me.
  • The Navy Blue Equinox Shirt. Could be worn with a pencil skirt to work.
  • The Spaghetti Strap Blouse. I’ve thought of a million and one ways I could pair and wear this top
  • The Chambay sleeveless shirt. This nude shirt is everything and more and the buttons make the shirt pop.


  • The Navy Blue Stripped Pencil Skirt. I don’t have anything like it and I totally love it.
  • The Stiletto Nubuck Peep Toe. Even though I don’t really wear heels, this pair is simply to die for.
  • The Multilayer Chain. Imagine this on a crisp white shirt and blue denim.
  • The River Island Summer Structure Bag. A girl is never fully dressed without a beautiful handbag.

If only this wishlist could become a reality. But who knows, It just might. *wink*

What do you guys think about my Jumia Wishlist?

Enjoy your weekend darlings.

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  1. I can’t see much white in the black white dress. The denim looks sheer to me. Can denim be sheer? The river island tote is art though. Worth shop lifting if u ask me

  2. So in Love with the little black white collared dress , even though am not a heel person that stiletto peep toe is on point. D denim looks kinda transparent. I love your wish list may they all come true

  3. Your wishlist is on point bico. I will be praying that they come to pass so that you can give me that chambay sleeveless shirt only,nothing more ????. I Will even fast about it to show you how serious I am.

  4. This is really cool,your taste is as it has always been.. I know who to consult when my $16million dollar finally arrives.. 🙂

  5. I love that River Island bag much, I already have one black cutie in my possession, but who says I can’t add another, while we are at it dear fairy godmother please include the denim dress and if I’m not asking for too much I think that Nubuck peep toe is dying to make me it’s owner… Sigh… I love these ????????

  6. You know u always rock in dresses..especially black cos of your colour….I think the wish list is fab and u will pair them up nicely.So good luck with the wish list,just remember to send me a pair wen u get them

  7. Wow! Am so late to the blog today! My busy day sigh! Yes I want this river island bag too o!???? even d multilayered chain, just as you have painted the picture of it with a white crips white shirt, Kai! You are a style genius. Please get ready to style my model for my next shoot lols

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