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Lookbook & Website Launch –


Hey guys! I guess Gracey has finally gotten her groove back cos I’m back in the blogging mood. Yaay!!! You all know I’ve got mad love for I have a post on them here, here and here, so It is with great pleasure that I announce to you all, that has launched their website and to this effect, released a Lookbook.

Remember in my with love from Twentysix post which you can read here, I mentioned that they they have a long term vision to create more pieces and true to their word, they have delivered. This Lookbook is print and mesh inspired and I must say, the pieces are absolutely stunning. From the Dark rose, to the Blue crossroads, Leafy montage print, to the Swiming paisley, not leaving out their familiar prints, they have given us pure awesomeness. Staying true to their style by adding expression to its clothing, I present to you, the fabulous pieces.

The Lookbook.


Dark Rose


Blue Crossroads


Black & Olive Green Tulles (Mesh)


Leafy Montage Print

Lookbook 6

Swiming Paisley


Occasions Floral


Neon Pink





Whatever your preference is, lady length, maxi or mini, has got you covered and the pieces are all pocket friendly. I certainly have my eyes on the leafy montage maxi skirt.

To  order for yours, visit their website  and follow them on Instagram for updates.

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