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Look Who’s Back!!!

By March 17, 2015April 16th, 20209 Comments

011I’d first of all like to say I’m sorry for going MIA on you all.

I have learnt and I’m still learning, that on this blogging journey of mine, I will encounter all sorts of hiccups. First it was an issue with my URL, then issues with my host, to loosing all my pictures on the blog while moving it to another host, to forgetting my password and retrieving it became an uphill task ( weird yea?) to …. Sigh!

Anyway, I’m here now and (Insert American accent) I ain’t going no where. At first, I was very upset. Frustrated even, but I started looking at the positives in all of this.

I had more time to draw up a plan for my blog/posts.

I bought a Camera. Canon Rebel bla bla bla ( Yes, it’s up for rent. N50,000 per hr. loool) I must make all that money back.

More clients ( I’m attributing it to being MIA). Who knows, I might have been too broke to afford internet abi? loool.

Patience. My previous host reminded me that patience is truly a virtue. I can’t count how many emails, tickets, live chat messages I sent in order for them to release my domain. After 7 days, it was automatically released no thanks to them cos it’s set up that way. 7 whole days. Commmmmmmmon!

New Logo. I really liked my old logo but the great people of instagram cropped out the girls shoes just so they could use her too. sadly, I can’t complain cos I too got the picture off the internet. Someday, I’ll get a drawn picture of me, then I’ll sue anyone who steals me. Loool. Someday.

But today, I’m just glad my blog is up and running. To all those who checked in, wondering and worrying if I’m okay, I am. Thank you so much for the love.

Big thank you to Adenike… She was the one who urged I move my host and I’m mighty glad I did. I know I worried you alot darling. I still owe you a pack of MnMs. God bless you.

I missed you all. Did you miss me?



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Grace Gigi

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