This life update post is so long overdue I don’t even know where to start.

My darlings !

I hope I still get to call you all that even though it’s been a hot minute since I last posted. Well, like my title says, a lot has really been happening.

First, the pandemic hit and while we were (and still) trying to deal with it, keeping safe as best as we can, the #ENDSARS protest happened. Lives and properties were lost, hearts were broken and eyes were opened. That’s all I’ll say.


At first I didn’t know what to do with myself during the lockdown that commenced on the 30th of March, 2020 and was worried that the year would fly by without me achieving anything, but that wasn’t the case as I found and enrolled in 02 Academy Lagos. A Hands on School of Brand communication.

The plan was to gain more personal and professional skills. I knew I had to improve myself as a content creator. The academy offered me just that. Not only did I improve, I brushed up my skills as a copywriter & the bonus was, I got to learn a bit about strategy.

The course was to run for a period of three months but due to the lockdown, we had online classes for about 2 months and when the lockdown was lifted, we commenced physical classes for another three months.


During the course of my training, I launched my YouTube channel (yaaaaay). It all started as an assignment but as I started filming and churning out content, I became hooked on it.

I would love for you all to support me by subscribing to my channel and become part of my YouTube family as well (pretty please).

The Link to my channel is: Grace Gigi

Even though I have YouTube going for me, I seem to have neglected my Fashion business. During the lockdown, It was easy to say ”oh the markets are closed”, ”people aren’t shopping as such” but truth is, I think I’ve just been plain lazy. (shame on me) but I did “model” for a friends clothing business (see some pictures below) *big grin*

In the bid to get a 9-5, I’ve been attending interviews and it’s so appalling to the hear the remuneration companies are willing to offer people. I mean, the cost of living is so ridiculously high, how is one expected to survive going to work (paying transport fare), paying never ending bills and still save?!!! This sure beats me.

Rant Over.

Social Life

Not much has been happening on this front. I’m still the same home-body, going out say once a month. I do have like two new friends but that’s pretty much about it when it comes to my social life. Bleh! I know lol

Anyway, I plan to revive my Fashion business and pay better attention to it this time around. Not like it was doing badly in the past. There’s more to my life update but I want to do that on my YouTube channel so please don’t forget to subscribe.

PS: If you missed my last post you can read it Here

Till my next post, stay you, stay beeeyuteeful 

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