Life Lately2 is a segment of my blog where I update you all on all the happenings or the nothings that have been happening in my life (if that makes any sense)… 

I’m not consistent with it but I try to fill you guys in every now and then, hoping to hear read what you all have been up to as well in the comment section below.

You can read the previous one here 

I wouldn’t say alot has been going on with me. It just feels like I’m stuck in a routine with little tweaks here and there but nevertheless, here goes.

Life Lately2

Life Lately2

Reading: I have literally been reading everything & anything. From questions and replies on quora, to stuff on medium, blogs, newspapers I find lying around you name it.

I’ve also read and re read Garri for breakfast by Seun,  How intelligence kills by Ofili to Funny men cannot be trusted by Tolu and finally Girl boss by Sophia.

Life Lately2

Watching: I have been spending a lot of time & data watching videos on YouTube. I found and fell in love with Joey Kidney and his girlfriend Danielle and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their videos are fresh and inspiring.

Life Lately2

Joey Kidney

Eating: Chicken & Chips a lot! From time to time I get these weird cravings which fade after a few days, but this has been on for like a month or two.

Life Lately2

Listening: To Ed Sheeran, SZA, Aurora (I love murder song), Harry styles and Clean Bandit.

Life Lately2

Dealing: With fatigue & seasonal depression. Seasonal depression happens to me towards the end of the year. I don’t talk about it with anyone cos it usually passes but its lingered just a little longer this year.

There are a few things that I feel are the cause but… Do you ever deal with seasonal depression plus how do you deal with it?

Life Lately2

Wearing: White tees & blue denim. One would think it’s some sort of uniform. I love the combination and decided to indulge.

Life Lately2

Hoping: To get a new 35mm lens this Christmas for my canon camera. Mine broke a few weeks ago and I’ve been bummed ever since.

Life Lately2

Obsessed: With colored braids. I currently have on color two braids with white/grey highlights and I’m loving ’em. I want to try out blue though. Do you guys think I’d pull it off?

Life Lately2

Growing: In my design and sewing skills. I participated in the just concluded Vlisco master class for experienced tailors. I’m so glad I didn’t overlook this opportunity.  It was a mind blowing one.

Life lately2

That’s it!  My little life lately2 update.

Thanks for reading guys. Please share what you’ve been up to in the comment section.  I’d like to know. ?

Kisses loves!!!

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  • Oluchi says:

    Nobody is having a wierder life lately like I am.

    From collecting almost 50 ebooks and doing nothing about them, coloring my 8+ inch hair burgundy and then chopping everything off a month after. Everyone thinks I’m having a 20s life crisis. I also think I need to talk to someone

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Oh oh. I think you should read all those books. Might help take your mind off things. Why did you chop off your hair though? Talk to someone if you must. All in all, be fine okay.

  • Gift Collins says:

    It might just be a phase… Sit down and figure out what’s going on and then talk to someone only if you feel up to it…

    And always remember life happens but staying strong is all that matters…

    Sending loads of e-hugs and kisses your way… ?

    • Oluchi says:

      You’re a darling.

      It’s probably a phase but I don’t think it’s a bad one because I haven’t felt better and busier than I’ve been lately. So my state of unrest may have triggered them.

      I just feel like it might be deeper and someone else may understand another angle to it I’m not seeing.

      I caught all the eHugs and eKisses btw

  • Gift Collins says:

    Hey Gracie, I want to be a little spider in your library. The books you mentioned look interesting especially the garri for breakfast.
    I Will love to read it.
    A big congrats on your vlisco graduation. Super proud of you.. ?

  • Jolaade says:

    Hey boo, cheer out of dat seasonal depression joor, go out, see friends, listen to some good music. I’ve bin doing a lot reading anything too lol, I want girl boss, z d soft copy available? Compliments of d season love.

  • Ogbeni Homosapien says:

    You’re doing great sweetie

  • I think the blue extensions would look good on you.
    I have been working towards growing my business, finish my final year project and at the same time trying not to be a couch potato this Christmas.

  • Adedamola says:

    Hey girl,
    I think you should also try the blue braids. Awesome books you have there, wish I could have the time. whenever I am going through a phase as this. Reading my vision/goal journal gets me fired up. You should try that. Compliments dear.

I appreciate all your comments!

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