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Life Lately! – Welcome To May Yaay

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Welcome to the month of May darlings. ‘MAY’ all your dreams & hearts desires come true!

Life lately is a series I am not consistent with and I doubt if I will be, but once in a while I like to share with you all what I’ve been up to and find out what you have been up to as well. So let’s get right into it…

Life lately…

Wearing – My favourite pair of really slim jeans. It goes with everything and has the perfect fit. It kinda accentuates my curves too so what’s not to love *wink*

Life lately

Listening – To issues by Julia Michaels. I love her voice and I think the message in the song is pretty balanced. Love it!

Life lately

Sewing – a lot more these days especially as orders have started rolling in which is very exciting. Please follow  @shop_epiphany29 on Instagram. That’s where I post all the things I make. You can send a DM if you would like me to make something for you?

life lately

Baby doll top made by me

Reading – Harry Potter all over again. In this post, I mentioned how I would love to re-own all the Harry Potter books and Uju of insearchofperfecthair sent me all of them. Bless you darling. I have also been reading articles on Quora. Some pretty interesting finds on there I tell ya.

Life lately

Watching – So Cosmo. I dont know why, but I find it quite interesting.

Playing – Quiz up and Monopoly. I recently re installed the adventures of tin tin so quiz up has taken the back seat for now.

Thrifting – Is indeed an art and you get to find amazing items at ridiculous prices. I have bought a few items and boy am I pleased!

Life lately

Praying – for quite a number of things to happen soon. The list may tire you so…

Grateful for & Loving – This new found calm that has set in. I simply cannot explain it but I love it.

Trying – My hands on some DIY and the response on the one I put up here was simply overwhelming  so I intend to try some more.

Life lately

I dont intend to bore you guys so I’ll stop there. What have you guys been up to? I would like to know so please share using the comment box below.

Kisses loves!!!

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