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Life In March – Hello April…

By April 4, 2016August 18th, 201728 Comments


March. I am so glad it’s finally over, for it wasn’t a bad month neither was it an awesome month. It was a month laced with bitter sweet happenings but all in all I am grateful…

I keep telling myself at the end ofevery month, that the next month has to be, will be a better month and in some cases it is depending on what one in this case ‘I’ measure as ‘better’ while other months leave me feeling like …..

– By middle of March I was out of one job and towards the end, I was on another job. I still havent landed me a multi million paying job but I’m getting there.

– I stopped procrastinating and finally set my business plan in motion. I won’t go into details now but be sure I’ll share all the juicy details with you guys when the time comes.

[ctt title=”In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. Albert Schweitzer” tweet=”In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. Albert Schweitzer” coverup=”wBX32″]

– At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read at least two books every month and last month I started but didn’t finish reading The Forest Dames by AdaOkere Agbasimalo and Piercing The Darkness by Frank E. Peretti. I’m almost done though.

– I realised I stopped writing when I’m in a bad mood and I haven’t been talking to anyone about these moods either. This in return has left me feeling like I’ll self combust soon so….

– I started talking to God alot more. He’s def  not going to get tired or drained by my chatter so I go to him.

– I listened to just two songs throughout the month. Yup! Just two. Certain things by James Arthur and Eyes shut by Years and Years. Certain things had me more than the other. It’s such a beautiful and dreamy song, it leaves me feeling sometypa way each time while Eyes shut simply appeals to me.

– I made two new friends. Okay one new friend and got closer to an old one *hey friends* lol.

– Thoughts & memories of Brian were alot stronger. I miss him dearly but I know he’s in a far better place and wouldn’t want me to be so sad thinking about him.

– I visited the dentist three times arrgh. Got a temporary then a permanent filling. Curse you MnMs but I still love you.

And finally,
– I fell in love. Yes, I fell in love with sea salt scrub and coconut oil. The wonders these two do to my skin is amaaaazing.

I’m looking forward to a splendid April.

So tell me darlings, how did the month of March treat you?


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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Nedoux says:

    Hi Gracey,

    This post made me smile, I like monthly evaluations rather than one big evaluation of resolutions at the year end. One keeps track of their goals more effectively.

    March was alright for me, I learnt that it is up to me to make things happen and that little efforts daily eventually add up to one big finish. One area that I wish I’d worked harder at was my fitness goals. Operation six pack abs is such a struggle. 😀

    Have a lovely week!

  • TANG says:

    March was definitely an eventful month for you, I hope you find fulfillment this new month. EhnEhn, old friend, new friend? *side eye* I don’t understand ooo. LOL.

  • Funke Olotu says:

    March was tough, had to study hard for exams, and thank God the sacrifice was worth it.
    Had to revisit my priorities and remove certain people that don’t help me grow from my life.

  • Sonia says:

    Love the humour in your writing. So engaging. Hope your love for the salt scrub and coconut oil continues to grow. So true God is never tired of us talking to him and the Best part is that he loves listening to his children.

  • Tonye Igbani says:

    Tough girl! The multi million paying job is coming soon.
    Have an amazing April.

  • Mide says:

    March was nice because I got to go home and spend some time with my family. I was able to reboot, re-evaluate and now resume work/service with a more positive attitude.

    I can also relate with the mood thing affecting your writing. Something that works for me is writing about the mood or about what put me in that mood. Even if i don’t share with anyone, I feel a lot better.

  • dazzy says:

    Oh my darling gracey…..
    U know we haff come a long way.????
    I can totally relate with the mood swings…. mine are legendary but I worked on identifying what sets it off. And i believe its abit under control now. Oh! And my March was very eventful. ????????????????. I fell in love again…….. with God.. we are working out my trust issues.
    Still single but quite contended with life atm… I cannot come and kill myself for nothing.

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Lol. Sisterhood of the moodswings. At least you know what sets it off. Trust issues? Girl you need to breathe o. Theres some guy waiting to snatch you up lol.

  • toyosi says:

    March was quite a month filled with mixed emotions for me too because I had some not to great life situations to deal with and had to make some drastic decisions which I am not happy about right now,but maybe it will make sense later…
    You know those decisions you make with your tongue in cheek hoping for the best?
    This made me grow closer to God as I realize he’s my only helping hand and no matter how bad he won’t judge me…
    I upped my fitness game in March and keeping it at,*Birthday in a bit,banging body under construction*dancing*
    I pray April is a better month for you too grace…iv decided to enjoy the ride in happiness afterall I am alive…

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Hi Toyosi.

      I hope the decisions you made turn out for the best. Thank you for your comment. At least we are alive. Banging body eh? Side eye. May I find the courage to resume my workout sessions. Happy birthday in advance.

  • I travelled a lot during March and wasn’t able to save enough money due to that fact so that was sad. But I learnt a lot, made new friends and found myself in a better place with God. I wish you loads of fulfillment this new month.. Oh and yes to fitness goals!! Lol

  • Shun P. says:

    March was a trying time, one that I am still contending with as I reoriented my faith more fully in battling my contradictions, but all in all I know that my April/my future is excited for my arrival.

  • it’s such a relief to know I am not alone with the mood swings. I guess it’s a major trait of most cancerians…March?If I want to start I wouldn’t be able to stop. It was a crazy month, full of ups and down and exhausting generally. I would say releasing my novel was my biggest feat of this year, I lost money but it somehow came back to me, lost my site temporally, I was cheated, was in debt, I settled some debtors, spent a lot of money, I put my social life on hold, lost a few friends, made another and lost again, experienced a mild heartbreak, and I grew up. Let me just stop here.

  • Cara says:

    I looove posts like these, monthly evaluations. Sounds like quite the dramatic one for you. Love your attitude, chin up, that multi-million dollar job will show up soon! 😉

  • Tifeteda says:

    Holla Grace,nice write up/ evaluation…i can totally relate with the mod swings oh we cancerians,but the good thin is we stronger than it….

    March was quite eventful for me but all thanks to God for remaining true to His word and His intentional love for me..I got relieved of the many workloads when someone new was employed, so far its been good..and April is already looking great as you have also joined (thanks for nudging me positively to create my blog*though am yet to publish anything yet*covers face*)soon and very soon just watch out..its gonna be big..

    About the million dollar job its coming soon dearie,stay in the process and trust God has got u hun.

    He is also my go to everyday all day wen d mood swings sets in and even when it behaves,its been pretty awesomeeeeeee each time in His presence.

  • Berry Dakara says:

    Sea salt scrub just reminded me of the FREE N4000 gift card that you didn’t get. I’m not even sure where it is anymore.

  • ann says:

    Monthly evaluation……excellent.
    Helps take the edge off but maintain focus.

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