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Let’s Catch Up Shall We?

By November 13, 2015April 16th, 202020 Comments


Hi Darlings…

I know it kind of feels like I’ve been a tad bit quiet on here right? Well that’s what a friend of mine seems to think and since I’ve been drafting and thrashing posts lately (I have no idea why), I decided to put up a catch up post basically filling you all in on whats been and not been happening to me.

Lets catch up shall we?

Planning or lets call this a mini To-Do List: I recently started jotting down a few things I hope to do/achieve in the near future. I want to learn how to play the guitar and the piano or the violin. I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar though, so now is the time I think. I wonder what I’ve been waiting for. I also want to learn how to sew. Simple stuff though like tops and dresses (if those are simple), before you people will pack asoebi my way. I’m also planning to surprise my mum on her birthday coming up in December. I’m still thinking of what it will be so yea…

Listening: I’ve been listening to The Weekends new album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ and I’m absolutely in love with it. There’s just something about his voice that is very soothing. My favorite track is Angel followed by Real life…

Doing: I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I recently purchased two of Frank Perettis books, The Prophet and Piercing the darkness but abandoned them the minute I found and bought I dared to call him father by Bilquis Sheikh. Its all about the miraculous story of a Muslim woman’s encounter with God, originally published in 1978.  I have been looking for this book for so long, I couldn’t wait to finish the others before reading it.

Watching: Sadly, I haven’t been doing much of watching. I mean there’s really nothing worth my attention on tv these days. I was hooked on Laali for a few weeks thanks to my mum and sister, but the story has dragged and dragged, I eventually got fed up. In my opinion, they had a chance to wrap it up a couple of times but nah. Home video sturvs. lol. Might just dig up the color purple and watch it all over again.

Obsessing:  I am unashamed to say I have been obsessing over a few talented artist. There’s Joel Rea, Kwon Kyung Yupand Jacek Yerka. I think they are really talented and I absolutely love their work. I find myself staring at their paintings, drawn to them yet cant really explain why.

Letting Go/Worrying Less: Gradually, I’ve been letting go of my fears, one fear at a time. Thing is, I’m a huge worrywart and it’s pretty annoying cos worrying only makes me grouchy, depressed and unhappy, especially as I tend to worry about everything and anything, even things that don’t need all that worrying. Sheesh!!! Now, I just breathe and tell God to handle it. Not like I have the capacity to fix it all by myself. The unnecessary pain I put myself through *face palm*.

Networking: I have been doing a lot of networking in recent times. Giving out my complimentary cards more and hoping I get more clients, being more open about what I do and basically spreading the word some more.

Okay, enough about me. What have you all been up to? Like the title said, lets catch up. You can share using the comment box below. Mwah!!!

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • dleonalife says:

    I want to start something like this by next year on my blog, I want to learn how to be a lil bit more open and comfortable, Godwilling. Can’t wait to hear about what you do for your mum, my mum’s bday is also coming up this Dec. i really need some new music in my life so will probably download the weekend’s album, i am also excited for Seyi Shay’s album to drop, i already killed three of the songs from there. have a beautiful weekend dear.

  • Nedoux says:

    Hey Gracey, nicely done.

    Listening: I’ve listened to Omawumi’s cover of Adele’s “Hello” for most of the day, it is great, the reggae vibe feels like smooth chocolate.

    Procrastinating: I’ve been procrastinating about cutting my new guipure lace fabric. It’s my first time working with cord, I think I’m afraid that I’ll mess it up.

    Watching: I watched a really quirky movie last weekend “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and I enjoyed it.

    Hoping: I’m hoping you’ll be at the TBC connect event tomorrow, so I can finally meet you. 🙂

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Hi Neudox.

      Cut that lace fabric already!!! I’m sure you’ll make something lovely. Ooh I’ve seen the Grand Budapest Hotel and I loved it. Sadly, I won’t be at the TBC event but I’m sure we will meet soon. Kisses.

  • charles says:

    Worry not!your big break is coming-it shall happen gboa!!!

  • Berry Dakara says:

    Hey dear. You need to figure out a way to get the stuff. Please email me and I’ll send my number to you.

    BTW – The Weeknd’s voice is so pure it makes me want to cry.

    @Nedoux – Grand Budapest Hotel is awesome!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • ann says:

    Hey u…..why give up on Laali? She needs the love she can get right now…..hehe hehe

    Congrats dear. Your blog is one year already. My glass is raised to many great years to come as Jesus tarried.

    I sooooo identify with your style of writing. Nothing heavy, easy to read. Keep it up dear.


  • sophie says:

    I wonder what you’ll eventually do for your mum. The weekend is bae!!!

  • Lade says:

    The weeknd is bae!! His voice is that amazing. Me I’ve been reading as usual (Med Student Life) and letting go of unnecessary friendships because I cannot stress myself anymore.
    I’ve also been networking more!! My mums birthday is next year but mama has already started planning party lol. Cant wait to hear of your surprise.

  • Vanessa says:

    I use to write everything down at some point in my life, when I was younger I think… But now, life has gotten busier and though I love writing, I haven’t found time to do it… I bought a big book last week and only wrote two pages…this post is very motivating!!!

    I completely fail on the networking aspect, I have never had to tell anyone that I blog or that am a lawyer and I don’t know why!!!

    You’re on the right track girl… Keeping giving God the things that will cause you to worry. ☺☺☺

  • Jen says:

    I LOVE The Colour Purple! Such a good movie.
    For whatever odd reason, I do not like to tell people about my blog (I like to tell myself it’s because I prefer for people to find it themselves and genuinely like it. Honestly, I think it’s because I’m shy).
    But I am so sure networking would go a long way if only I would overcome my shyness and insecurity.
    Like you, I am trying so hard to get rid of worry.

    Nigerian and Natural

  • Linda says:

    I’ve also been trying my best to do a bit of reading. What do you mean watching nothing?Like there’s so much to watch..*from a series addict right here* I’ve been learning the guitar for a year now..all thanks to my disobedience when it comes to cutting my nails but since you mentioned it, I will be back to it which means back to keeping short nails 🙁
    I’ve been listening to Jealous by Labyrinth like a million times now…this song just makes me cry..

    Lovely post dear..have an awesome week..xx

  • Momentman says:

    I have been locked up somewhere reading academic books… Lol!

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