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Kimonos are so in right now and trust me there’s everything to love about them. They come in different lengths, colors, patterns, materials and can be worn in so many cool ways.

I attended the last Mente de Moda and saw this beautiful printed kimono at the Vintageweare stand and fell in love with it the minute they showed it to me. I haven’t worn it out though, but I’ve thought of so many ways I can actually wear it.

My friend Hilda, who is an amazing make up artist stopped by on Saturday and yes we got my face beat!

She came with her camera and since I’m yet to get mine I seized the opportunity to not only look this fab but also take really cool pictures.






Which look do you like best?

Please share your thoughts and ways you would wear your own kimono in the comment box below and don’t forget to please subscribe.

MUA- Hilda @looksbyhilda



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  1. Lovely! I love love love all the different ways you wore it! My favourite though will have to be the skirt essemble but then that’s only because I have a bias for skirts. :).

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