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January Recap – February Love…

By February 3, 2016August 18th, 201716 Comments

JanuaryBelieve me when I say I didn’t forget or abandon you guys.

I haven’t felt like blogging for a while now. Truth is, I haven’t really felt like doing anything well except lie in bed, watch movies, drink lots of coke and munch on MnMs. All that I eventually got to do and more.

January notes – Catch up...
Last week, I travelled to Abuja and it was the much needed hiatus I’d been craving. I got to chill, lie in bed lie on the couch, watch loads of TV, drink coke and munch on cake, pringles and some other sweet stuff. I took a mini break from the blog (I’m still on break, just wanted to catch up alil bit with you guys before I disappear again), and work (kinda) to relax, read some books, watch movies, eat and generally get in touch with me cos I honestly at some point felt I wasn’t in touch with me anymore plus some other stuff I rather not blog about but all good things I promise you. So here’s how my January and Abuja trip went.

Watching: Even though I’m not big on series cos I hate waiting for the next episode or season, I started watching the shannara chronicles and shadow hunters series and I got hooked. I have always had this fascination with mystic beings, Vampires, Elves and the likes and these series serve enough of that.

Listening: I  listened to Sias new album ‘This is Acting’  over and over again and as usual, she didn’t let me down.

Doing: I did alot of scribbling in my notepad. I started writing down my plans, ideas and thoughts most of which I’m too shy to show or share with anyone.

Reading:  I started reading my bible again as well as some of the Frank Perreti novels I bought a lil while ago.

Talking more: By talking more I mean expressing myself more. I am one of those annoyingly private people which isn’t a bad thing but recently, I’ve learnt to ‘use my words’ (lol inside joke) and let stuff out.

What else? Errm yes, I started saving. A difficult but very necesaary feat. I’m learning how to be prudent with my money and it hasn’t been easy. Well I’m broke right now so there’s nothing to save at the moment lol. That’s pretty much it. I planned to take lots of pictures while in Abuja but I forgot my camera memory card in Lagos. It still hurts.

To all of you blowing up my bbm with messages of love and vals, well done. Be kind enough to send me gifts afterall, I’m enduring the broadcasts.

January ended on a pretty good note for me and I’d like to hear all about yours.

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