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It’s My Birthdaaaaaaaaay ….


Hey Hey Heeey!

I woke up this morning feeling ‘normal’. No rush of mad excitement, no jumping out of bed screaming down the roof, nothing! Maybe ‘cos I’m getting so ooooooooold lol .

Don’t mind me. I woke up with a huge smile on my face, said my morning prayers (today’s own was long hehhehe), grabbed my phone and smiled some more. There were so many messages waiting to be read. Not just from family and everyday friends, but from people I haven’t heard from in ages! Boy was I grateful, still am.


Birthday dance.

I had a whole post planned for my birthday. I even got an outfit made by Michael Shumaker and planned to take loads of pictures but it rained all through Yesterday (Sunday) and today being Monday, no time for all that cos of work. Bummer.  I will eventually get to it though.


  • I am eternally grateful to God for my life. I’ve been through so much but he has kept me safe and strong.
  •  I am also grateful for my family. My truest source of support, my safe and happy place. You guys rock!!!!
  • To my few but true friends, I say thank you. Thank you for being there for me, for putting up with my mood swings and inconsistency. For believing in me when I doubted myself so much. You guys are the real MVPs.
  • To all my blog readers and clients, You guys are the best. You have helped grow epiphany29 and without you guys, my dream wouldn’t have become a reality and so quickly too. (I know God has a hand in this too sha) lol. Thank you.



Even though I’m here chilling, hoping to receive plenty gifts, I have decided to give out this gorg dress to one lucky winner.


It’s a size 8/10 maxi gown. The winner will be picked at random using the random name tool. Names will be gotten from the comment section.




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  1. Happy birthday darl. Live long and continue to prosper. God bless you today and always. Keep rocking gurl! We gatchu ♡♥♡ :*

  2. Happy birthday my fashion guide and analytic. I literally sleep and wake up to her endless talk on all things fashion. I couldn’t have asked for a better update system. Hehe… I see you come alive more each day as you do what you love, keep growing, keep doing.

    With love,
    Your —(fill in the blank spaces) hehe

  3. Happy birthday dear, you have been a source of inspiration to me*always looking forward to your blog posts*. Wishing u all the best, may the lord bless your new age

  4. Happy birthday Tahlin, its is unlimited egbadun all the way, uncommon oray, and more of God in your life. I want the dress for Mimi

  5. Happy birthday darling. You sure are a living testimony. I m proud of the lady u av become and know that in another 30years from now I ll still be ‘prouding’. God bless all your efforts. Luv ya loads.

  6. Happy Birthday Edubabie! You are one of the sweetest and most beautiful people I know. That’s why I call you “Sweetness”!!
    Keep doing what you love. So so proud of you love.
    God bless you abundantly.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Darling…june babies are the best..sorry it’s coming late but life happens…wish you all the very best

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