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Inscription Tees & Distressed Ankara Pants + Giveaway [Closed]

Inscription Tees & Distressed Ankara Pants + Giveaway [Closed]

It’s no news that I love tees but inscription tees are my absolute fav! They fit right into my everyday personal style as I am a tee shirt and jeans girl…

But for the sake of this post and the next couple of posts, I will be showing you guys other ways I style my Inscription tees as suggested by @wanshygirl on instagram.

I was gifted this amazing pair of distressed  ankara pants by @devasroar as my birthday gift and I immediately knew how I was going to style it.

Inscription tees…Inscription tees

I knew it was going to be with a tee shirt but which was the issue.

Fun Fact:I dress according to my mood 97% of the time and I have realized that most times, what I end up wearing helps me feel better. Weird right?

Inscription tees

Inscription tees

I went with my ‘Dude Relax’ tee because, I have been stressed lately with alot of things on my mind but the truth is, Worrying wont solve anything so I might as well relax.

Inscription tees

Inscription tees

Inscription tees

Inscription tees

Inscription tees

I really love how comfy these pants are and the elastic band finish adds that extra detail. You can fold that in if you’re not big on it showing depending on your outfit look.

I opted for sneakers for that uber laid back look and I love the outcome *big grin*

Now to the giveaway.

Devasroar is gifting my readers with:

2 pairs of distressed Ankara pants for two male readers

1 pair on male Ankara pants (not distressed)

1 pair of distressed Ankara pants (Female)

An  animal print off shoulder slit top (Will fit a size 10,12,14)

A purple maxi baby doll dress (Will fit a size 12, 14)

1 green baby doll knee length dress (Will fit a size 10,12,14)

1 orange skirt (will fit a size 8)

Pictures of these items are on my intagaram page. I posted them in a slide for all to see.

How to win: Simply follow Devasroar on instagram here and comment on which item you would like to win here on the blog using the comment section.

Winners will be picked using the random name picker tool and announced on Thursday.

Kisses loves!!!

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This Post Has 44 Comments
  1. Hi Grace,
    The inscription on the tee shirt really is cool and I totally love your tees. This particular one speaks to me. I need to chill. I’d love the animal print off shoulder slit top. Thank you! ?

  2. You really slayed this look and the tee-shirt is just so extra, the shredded Ankara pants is just genius. I really love the pose where you laid down.
    This giveaway doesn’t have my size though ?.
    I would love to win the shredded Ankara pants tho, if it will size me.
    I like the orange skirt too o, but sadly not my size.

  3. Hayyyyy ??God I inspired a post? I’m honoured ooo ?.
    So no too much epistle because you always style your tees effortlessly. God bless the brains behind dem pants tho. A combination of distressed pants and joggers? – Uber innovative fam! Big ups to them ?
    Moving to this giveaway the tops aren’t in my size so let me just shift, I’ll love to win the female pants I’m hoping it’s the blue and orange Ankara on IG.
    You didn’t mention where you got the tee from tho ?

    1. Yes love. You inspired a post and thabknyou for your kind words. I totally agree with you, combination of distressed Ankara pants with the elastic band to get the joggers feel is amazing.

      Yes the female pants is the blue and orange one. Fingers crossed.

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