I feel starting this post with anything short of an apology will be very disrespectful to you all, so I must say I am truly sorry for going MIA without any prior notice.

My Blogging Break albeit unplanned, was needed. I have been blogging for say 4 years now and what started out as just a hobby, something to while away time with, soon became a passion and a real deal for me.

I started feeling like I wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t churning out the kind of content I ought to and would love to. My creative juices seemed to have run dry and no, I wasn’t going to force it.

”There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohen

Blogging Break…Blogging Break

Neither was I going to put up just any post for the sake of content. To be honest, I felt like a fraud.

There I was telling and teaching bloggers how to make their blogs better, how to bag and execute collaboration deals, how to set up their pages and most importantly, how to churn out amazing content but here I was doing none of it as preached. Ugh!

So you see, the break was inevitable and even though I missed being here, I learnt a few things on my break. I learnt that it is okay to;

Take A Break, Rest & Regroup – Taking a break helps you plan and re plan. It also helps you put things into perspective. You get to see things differently, you are refreshed and bursting with ideas ready to hit the road.

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Blogging BreakBlogging Break…

Do other things: While waiting to get my blogging mojo back, I delved into other things of interest like sewing and  my accessory business. Yes, I’d been sewing even before the break, but I used my blogging break as an opportunity to do more, create more, source for more clients and invest more into my other business. My business pages on instagram are @shop_epiphany29 and @pinsandclips

Focus on the bigger picture: When I started out blogging, I had an idea of what I wanted my blog  to turn into. I had a target audience in mind and one of my main goals was to be consistent. Not just consistent but put out useful content.

So my question is why is it so frustratingly easy to lose sight of the big picture? Could it be because we work so hard and sometimes miss the aim?  That has to be it right?

So what I did was think. Think about the things I love and naturally gravitate towards, noted the kind of posts my readers respond to more and then I got rid of the mental limits I had placed on myself thus making it all seem so hard.

Focus on the results not just the traffic: At first I was worried about my blog traffic. I was scared I would lose my readers (out of sight is out of mind right?) and even though my traffic dropped a bit, I was still getting views, mails and messages with blog and work related questions and some people urging me to resume blogging.

How do I feel now? Refreshed! I am glad I took the time out but I’m back and I can only hope you guys missed me like I missed you.

Blogging Break

Kisses Loves

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