You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world…

I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘So how do I go on my next vacation or any vacation without having money’? Well, this post is all about ‘How to save money for travel’

The key to a trip is being smart with your money and this happens way before the trip itself as you don’t want to get stuck on a trip, cash trapped and desperate.

Here are some tips on how to save money for your next vacation. 

How to save

  • First and foremost, pick your travel destination. Knowing exactly where you want to go helps you plan in terms of your Flight Routes, and cost.


  • Create a Budget: Create a spreadsheet in Excel and start tracking every single purchase or payment. Do this for about a month or two to get an idea of where your money gets spent. This is a huge eye opener for some people and from here you can consciously decide how you need to change your spending habits.


  • Time Your Travel Strategically. You want to travel during the offseason when other people aren’t traveling as places like tourist attractions are less crowded and the possibilities of getting cheap flights to your chosen destination are higher.
Budget Travel…
  • Selling Items: If you are a hoarder/collector like me, now would be a good time to sell off those items you don’t really need. Sort through your things, organize a sale could be online or offline. Bye Bye things I don’t really need, hello money lol!


  • Stop Buying: This will be the perfect time to stop buying things especially things you don’t need and those impulsive buys. It sounds simple, but it takes a great deal of restraint; especially if you are accustomed to buying the newest gadgets or clothes. Trust me I winced whilst typing this part.

How to save

  • Pack Smart: My top packing tip is to only own carry-on bags — that way you never overpack. Sometimes you have to roll things, sometimes you have to make hard choices, but if you forget something you get to shop and that’s always fun.

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  • Opt for a small hotel: Ditch the idea of staying in a fancy hotel and look for smaller ones. You can even opt for hostels as they are way cheaper than hotels. Some even have free food.

If you have a friend who is willing to accommodate you, brilliant, if not you can look for someone who is going out of town and wants to put up their house for lease for a short period. Yup! people do that.

That’s all I’ve got guys but please read the infographic below for more tips while I look for Cheap flights to Dubai Lol!

How to save


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