As a blogger, content creator, business owner, you name it, we can all agree that it’s way easier to make money from collaborations than other means. Well, this post is going to shed light on ‘How To Generate Revenue From Newsletters.

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Most of us go through the process of building a mailing list but struggle with retaining our readers & generating revenue from the newsletters we curate.

This happens because of factors like not understanding your target audience, not putting out beneficial content or providing a service that tends to their needs.

Ever heard the saying “The money is in the list“? Well it sure is and this post is to help teach how to build revenue generating newsletters.

How To Generate Revenue From Newsletters

The first step is to produce a quality newsletter, release it with consistency, and design it for a specific audience. It all starts here and this is also where most people fail. They put out what they personally enjoy, ignoring the fact that they have an audience.

Now that you have that covered, it’s time to figure out what is important to your readers. Not everyone is signed up for the same reason, so you must pay attention to everyones needs. Some want:

  • Free offers and tools
  • Coupons for discounts
  • Entertainment (yes, even business emails can be entertaining)
  • Inspiration
  • Case studies
  • How-Tos (DIYs and the likes) 

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Once you can and have figured out the different categories your audience fall under, it’s time to:

Charge for knowledge:If you happen to be an expert in your field, which hopefully you are, then it makes sense for you to charge others for your knowledge.

Here’s how it basically works; you provide your subscribers with something of value, such as ebooks, guides, tutorials, or video classes. You may only give them a taste of this content and offer the rest of the premium content for either a monthly or yearly fee. This is what we call Freemium & Premium Content.

Affiliate Marketing:
You don’t always have to sell your products or services to monetize email marketing. Instead, you can be an affiliate for other businesses’ products or services. As an affiliate, you get commissions from businesses to send traffic to their site and generate sales. 

Sell Your Ad Space: If you have a large or decent following, it may not be difficult to sell valuable ad space in your newsletter, like directly above the header section of the email body.

You could even place a ‘sponsored by’ ad underneath your newsletter title.

Get A Newsletter Sponsor: You can have a person or company sponsor your newsletter or include their ads in it! This works just like placing an ad in a newspaper and is a straight “pay to play” option. All you need do is charge them for each post that goes out.

I must admit that even though there are plenty of email marketing platforms out there, Campaign Monitor has really come through for me. Not only do they provide the service I need, but they also share tips that help me as a blogger and brand owner.

Here are some of the tips I got from the campaign monitor site on how
To Generate Revenue From Newsletters:

Send Automated Content:Automation makes everything easier. Integrating your email marketing platform with third-party services will make everything smarter and segmenting easier. On the heels of talking about sending free content, it’s important to speak to using an RSS feed or blog integration to automatically pull content into an email template.

Most blog hosts provide RSS abilities, so you just need to pull the details from those and place it into a recurring email (see how here).

Automatically push published content into an email, and then provide relevant suggestions based on the topic you’ve designated for that post.

By sending out content automatically, and bringing in similar or supporting content that might be premium, you can increase engagement with your audience, relevance with supporting articles, and conversion from the combination of both.

Create Dynamic Content Banner Ads:Banner ads have been huge sources of revenue on websites for ages. Now you can utilize banner ads in your email content to make even more from your email marketing campaigns.

The key here is relevance. We’ll continue to highlight relevance as we speak to other types of ads because this is hugely important if you want to get results for your advertising partners.

But when it comes to banner ads, they need to be appropriate for the recipient. It doesn’t make sense to have ads for cosmetics in an email marketing campaign that highlights home improvement.

Apart from matching the content, it’s also important to match the recipient.Utilizing demographic information based on gender and location is a great start. You can tailor your ads to fit the type of person you’re emailing to. Going a step further, if you can incorporate these demographics with past campaign information—emails opened, content clicked on— you can begin incorporating dynamic banner ads based on segments you’ve created.

You can read and learn more tips on how to make money via your newsletters by reading their post on ‘6 Ways to Drive Revenue with Highly Relevant Email Newsletters’

I hope this post was helpful to someone out there. Until my next post darlings,

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