How To Dress For A Board Meeting.

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While I was MIA here on the blog, I got pretty busy with some other things. Some of which I mentioned in my ‘Look Who’s Back post’ but what I didn’t mention was, I got to write a teeny weeny article for the Monologue section on Converse8. Yaaay. I decided to share it on my blog as well. Hope you learn a thing or two from it.

Here goes:

‘’It is often said, don’t judge a book by its cover, but many people still do. That applies especially when you’re up there presenting. The first impression you make comes from the way you look.’’

A board meeting is a meeting of the directors. It must be distinguished from a general meeting, which is a meeting of the members (shareholders) of a company. These meetings hold at intervals to discuss the problems and policies of the organisation and make decisions.

In a situation where you have been invited to pitch some brilliant idea you have to the movers and shakers (board members) an idea that will rake in millions, it’s not enough to have your notes in order and pitch a mind blowing presentation, you also have to look the part. Remember, your appearance is the first thing they soak in and an opinion is formed before you even have the chance to open your mouth.

That being said, let’s get to the crux of the matter, how to dress for a board meeting. The first and most important thing is to know and adhere to the organisations dress code if any.


This is an important factor when getting ready for not just a board meeting, but any kind of meeting. For the men, make sure your hair is well groomed and you are clean shaved or facial hair is kept trimmed. For the women, it’s safer to pull your hair back away from your face. You don’t want anything distracting you now do you? Your make up and nail polish should appear natural.


For meetings like these, it is advisable to wear a suit. A well fitted suit that gives you room to move your arms freely and the ability to walk properly. For the women, make sure your skirt or pants isn’t too narrow and tight or too short. No lacy see through blouse and do not show any cleavage. For the men, no narrow pants as well. Do make sure that your shirt is the right length and your suit isn’t faded or shedding.


It’s advisable to keep the colour of your attire on the dark side. Wear a dark grey or dark blue suit. Ladies, Patterns should be avoided as well. The lightest piece of clothing should be close to your face. You could wear a light coloured shirt with your suit. This draws attention to your face.


Keep your accessories minimal. Do not wear big distracting wristwatches, rings, noisy bangles and earrings. For the men, a nice tie with no graphics or loud pattern is allowed, a simple but classy wristwatch will do. No large cuff-links please. For the women, wear simple stud earrings and a nice wristwatch. If you must wear a neck chain, keep it simple. Your handbag or briefcase should be of a neutral colour. Leather preferably.


Keep your shoes simple. For the men, a pair of comfortable, well polished shoes is recommended. For the women, comfortable pumps is often a good choice. Avoid stilettos, chunky heels and very flat shoes in general. Do not wear shoes you have to manage. Try walking around your house for 5 minutes in the shoes you intend to wear, if there is any sign of discomfort, change them.


Keep your fragrances and colognes mild. Strong lingering scents are not advised as they can be quite distracting and choking at the same time.


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