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How To Bargain Like A Pro!!!


One of the many joys of being a blogger is that you get to work with other bloggers. Bloggers who inspire you, well in this case me and one of such is Ijenna of (you can visit her awesome blog by clicking the highlighted link) who has taken over my blog for today since I am still in my unmotivated state… *sigh*

When I started developing my own personal style, the ultimate challenge was this: How do I get items that fit into my style and budget?

The truth of the matter is I really can’t afford my style.

It’s been over said but so true. So I started thinking… how do I get things that fit both my style and budget? The answer was of course thrift shopping. But that’s not the point of this story.

I would go to markets and buy dresses of 4000 Naira thinking “Wow! That was a steal!” until I had to start spending money on stuff other than clothes and shoes. In other words, my budget for clothes went far lower. Just the thought of buying a dress for 4000 Naira would make me wince.

Can you relate? If yes, this is for you.

Eventually, after many experiences, I learnt how to bargain. Like, when I’d come back and my mum would ask for the price I’d bought my clothes, she’d be so shocked (even though she has incredible bargaining skills too!).

I realised I was on to something when my friends were also shocked at the prices of my fashion items. It had become the norm for me already so I didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

Just the other day, I went to the market and a man was telling me how cheap his clothes were. So I asked how much? He said a T-shirt costs 500 Naira. I told him I’d buy two t-shirts elsewhere for that amount and when I was leaving, I’d show him.

I left with three t-shirts for the amount (500 Naira).

Sold yet? It’s all about the bargaining skills. This also applies to almost everything in life if you’re the frugal sort, not only fashion.

So, it’s a five-step method.

– Make sure the item is worth bargaining for.

Honestly, don’t waste time if you’re not sure you want the item. You don’t want to put energy into reducing the price only to realise you’re not interested anymore. Also, make sure you’ll still be interested in the clothing article 6 months later. No point if it’s just going to stay in your closet unworn.

Does the item have your interest? Yes?

– Start at the lowest possible price.

If your price doesn’t sound ridiculous, even to you, it’s not low enough. Seriously. The ridiculousness portrays a desperation to have that item as well as very hollow empty pockets. It helps if you actually state plainly that you don’t have a lot of money.

After stating your lowest price, slowly work your way up, still keeping the price real low.

– Don’t be scared to push hard.

Push a little, then gauge their reaction. From their reaction, you’ll know what route to take. It could be the subtle pushing, playful pushing, desperate pushing or the threatening route.

You want to be careful with the threatening route though. Some people really don’t care if you walk away. My best are the playful and desperate bargaining routes. They work seamlessly.

– Always reluctantly give in.

Never be too excited about a product, even from the start. Excitement = Price Inflation and that would be counter-productive, yes?

Make it seem like the price you’ve been given is gnawing at you even though you’re doing a mental dance (dabbing and all that). Also take note of the person. If he/she gave you a pretty good price once, they’ll probably give you more fantastic prices in future and they’ll appreciate your loyalty so, win-win!

– Walk away congratulating yourself on your epic buy.

For example,

“You badass. You just bought a pair of shoes for more than half a really cheap price. *Fistbumps self mentally*”

Ergo, problem solved- I might still not be able to afford my style but I’m not doing a bad job after all.

Got any extra tips? Shopping experiences? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

 And that’s how you bargain like a pro!!!

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  1. I have to say I love your new theme, All your points are so valid and you sound like my mother, if you tell her a shoe is worth 5k she can start bargaining from 400Naira ,am not even exaggerating.
    Very useful tips
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I bargain o, to the extent that the seller may want to press P. I will just be like Ogbeni camdan o, buying from you isnor a do-or-die affair but I just pity some pple and won’t even bargain, I just buy.

    BTW, nice new look for the blog.

    Learn how to turn your old T-shirt into something useful here! –

  3. Ehn if I hear say I no bargain, I’ve even turned to a guru LOL. Lovely post and Ijenna is owing me a guest post sef *side eye*

      1. Lol… I agree with Berry.

        Ijenna, you have a knack for finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ both with your shopping and DIY skills. 🙂

        Great bargaining tips, it’s smart to get more for less.

  4. Epiphany, why have you abandoned this beautiful project before? My first of visiting here was when you dropped the last post in last year. I like the previous theme, it inspired me so much my new blog is gonna come out with it. But I prefer this one. Much love.

  5. We are about this bargaining life friends always say my own is too much but like you said, if the price ain’t ridiculous to you then you haven’t started yet. Great post


  6. But some of these sellers though. They are not fair. One time I wanted to get a watch and I already had a budget. So when the guy said 40k, I just said I’ll go for another. And then he went, “okay bring 20” I mean! What! If you can bring it down that much, why would you make it that high in the first place?! Choi!

  7. But some of these sellers though. They are not fair. One time I wanted to get a watch and I already had a budget. So when the guy said 40k, I just said I’ll go for another. And then he went, “okay bring 20” I mean! What! If you can bring it down that much, why would you make it that high in the first place?! Choi!

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