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How it all began…

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Amaka, you can’t wear that. Try this instead, ooh I love this dress, try this too, ‘don’t you think its a bit too short? Nope! But I’m not comfy’ Okay,okay lets try this pair of jeans and that yellow top, hold on while I go steal Ann’s gold pumps. *Few minutes later* Yes! We have a winner 🙂
That’s me and my cousin trying to get her ready for her date hehehe’

How It All Began…

I’ve always been one to suggest/put outfits together when my sisters, cousins, friends and even my mum have weddings, events, dates, work, you name it. I can’t help it *big grin*. People keep saying ‘ooh you’ve got awesome taste in clothes, you’re always wearing colors that suit you, you’re always looking good, that sort of thing. Never really took the compliments seriously *fib* okay okay I did and still do but I keep saying I am a tee and jeans kind of girl, nothing too elaborate and it hit me that so many people are dealing with what I call their ‘fashion demons’ ‘cos all they see these days are people dressed to the nines and they want that as well. Nothing wrong with that but we all have to know who we are, what works for us and what looks good on us. It’s all about being comfortable yet beeyuteeful at the same time and since I love to write, I decided to create this space I call ‘My Little Fashion Diary’. I’m all about the simple life as you’ll see.

… *rubs chin* Lool Welcome 🙂 🙂



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