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Hello March // What I wore.

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Hey Guys! Haaaaaappy new month. Just yesterday, it was January and now it’s March. WOW! Just WOW!

This post should have gone up forever ago but trust me, blogging isn’t actually a pot of delicious beans. One major issue is getting someone who is willing to take the pictures but I’ve got that covered now (I think) and another is location. I wouldn’t want to bore you all with the same location in all my posts. But just in case I don’t find cool ones, manage the one I have ooo. lol

Anyway, I got this pretty cool outfit from the Vintagecloset9ja store after I was featured on their blog whoop whoop! It’s amazing how you sit there, doing your thing, feeling low sometimes cos you’re not sure if it’s worth it meanwhile someone somewhere appreciates it all. *wipes tears* lol. You can checkout the post here.

My friend invited for for the fashion cookout which took place yesterday at N-TYCE and since the sun seems to be like what, 100 metres away from Earth, this outfit was a perfect choice for me.






Confession: I don’t mind that the shirt is Red. Maybe cos of the purple flowery details on it, or maybe just maybe, I’ve finally embraced the color who knows. I also love the gold detail on the collar of the shirt. I intend on styling the pieces differently though so watch out for that post.

In other news, I had fun at the fashion cookout despite the fact that it took two hours or more to get fuel. Sigh!

To all my clients, old and new, I say a very big thank you for trusting me with your wardrobe 🙂 Y’all ROCK!

How did you spend your weekend guys? Share in the comment box below…



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