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Hello June …

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Hello June


Hi Darlings!

It’s a new day, new week, new month and we even have a new president. I’m particularly excited about this month ‘cos it’s my birth month. Yaaaaaaay!

It’s the half of the year and looking back, I am truly grateful for where I am and the things achieved. No, I haven’t crossed off all I have written down on my goal list but I’ve definitely crossed out some and this can only mean I’m moving forward, forging ahead no matter the pace.

So here are a few things I’m grateful for.

  • Life – I am ever grateful to God for life. I am not just alive, I am hale and hearty.
  • Work – I am currently still learning the ropes of my new job but I know I can nail it and excel.
  • EpiphanyTwentyNine – Hmmm, at first I was sceptical about starting my blog but the response so far has been amazing and I have gotten more clients through this medium. I am indeed grateful for this.
  •  Relationship with God – I am not the perfect Christian. My mum worries about me and my relationship with God. I haven’t been to church in a little while but the thing is, I do have a budding relationship with God. I’m learning to read his word and meditate on them as often as I can. This is something I do very privately. As for why I haven’t been to church? ….
  • Letting go – I have learnt the hard way to let go and let God. I was one to fret over things I couldn’t control. I would beat myself up so badly over such situations and end up hurting myself unnecessarily. Now, I simply try my best and leave the rest to God. He’s got me.
  • Friends – I sure do not have a lot of friends. I can count how many I do on one hand but for those who have stuck around through it all, I’m extremely grateful for.
  • Love – As a strong believer in Life and Love, I’m believing this aspect of my life will sort itself out. It’s been a bit challenging so far but I’m sure it will all be fine.

I could go on and on and on but I won’t. I am also grateful for overcoming a big challenge I face: Procrastinating. I could procrastinate for the world and leave things hanging. Now, I do what I plan to do when I plan to do it. Procrastination has cost me quite a lot and I’m not about to relive all that.

Finally, there are things I hope I get to do before the year runs out. If I dared list them all, You guys will kill me so here I am saying Hello June, be nice to us all. For my birthday which is on the 29th, I intend to give out something nice to one lucky winner. Look out for that post loves!

So tell me, what are you grateful for so far?



Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • omozafe says:

    Well I’m grateful for life. My relationship with God is much deeper and it gladdens my heart, im thankful for job experiences I’ve gotten, degrees that help me teach beta, im thankful for a heart that always forgives, im writing again, a love, books almost wrapped up, I no fit list all my love but yep na #Godwin# # thankful Omozafe #.

  • Anthonia says:

    Am grateful for you and the milestones you have crossed. Looking forward to the 29th!

  • chidi banks says:

    I’m thankful to God for my life which seems to have everything slowly falling into place,the life of my beautiful smart lil daughter,for having even more patience to sweat it out at work.I’m thankful for finally having learnt how to forgive and learning how to let go,thankful for inner peace and a building relationship with God.so many things I’m thankful for and God knows all…PS: procrastination is still an ish for me Shaw but #Godwin hehe

  • dazzy says:

    Am grateful for true friends (like a certain someone ) who accept me for who I am, flaws and all.
    Am grateful for my job and d numerous challenges I have had to overcome in it, just made me stronger
    Am grateful for God’s grace ( no pun) .

  • Miss mako says:


I appreciate all your comments!

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