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Hello August. Let’s catch up!!!


Hello August!!!

I’m mighty glad you are here. July wasn’t the best of months for me so I’m hoping you will treat me alot better…


I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while and  trust me when I say it has not been an intentional move. The drive just hasn’t been there plus the weather on the days I plan to shoot and getting someone to take my pictures has been arrrgh!


Plus I had to move my domain and hosting and all that bla bla bla stuff, but that’s sorted out now so I intend to push myself and maximize all the time that I have. So yaay to more blog posts.

August is a very special month for me and I will be sharing why later on in the month. I must say I’ve really missed here and all of you who take out time to read my posts.

I’m still the same boring old me, listening to good music (Check out Alessia cara – Stone) and going to the movies alot. Basically enjoying my own company and Getting to know me more.


I didn’t want the month to start without alil hey from me. Nothing else lol. Thanks for sticking around guys.

Kisses darlings and remember to follow me on  Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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  1. Hi Gracey,

    Best wishes for the new month and new week!

    @ “Basically enjoying my own company”, there comes a time when one realises that they have to take full responsibility for their own enthusiasm, as far as their life is concerned.

    It all comes from within. 🙂

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