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Grey Tank & White Culottes – Casual Outfit.


I’ve been unapologetically too lazy to put up any post and truth be told, I enjoyed every min of my laziness.

But the year is in full swing and wont permit any form of laziness, so It’s back to work and of cos back to blogging. The harmattan seems to have bid us farewell leaving heat in its wake. Perfect weather for tank tops and shorts especially for a casual outing on a weekend.

I decided to pair my grey tank top with these really cool white culottes and threw on my red sneaks for that pop of color. Ooh the shades too.

Grey Tank & White Culottes.Grey1









I’m gradually warming up to the color red. Guess this year is def a year of change for me. Still rocking my crochet braids. Just changed the curl pattern.

Like my outfit? You can steal the look. Just send me a mail [epiphanytwentynine][at][gmail][Dot][Com] with your size. I’ve got very few pieces left though.

Enjoy your weekend loves!

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  1. Hey Cool Kid!

    Yes, the heat is back. Culottes have been on my sewing list for the longest time. Laziness be gone! I have to get back to blogging too.

    You look great, crochet braids are so versatile.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. This is so cute.Love it! Very ideal for a weekend outing especially in this hot weather. Sadly, I don’t own a pair of culottes yet. 🙁

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