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Gratitude: Wearing The Duchess Set



Was my dads 72nd birthday. It was a nice and quiet day cos he and my siblings had planned a family lunch for Sunday after the thanksgiving service which held in church.

I themed the whole event Gratitude cos the truth is, we have alot to be grateful for. From favours received to good health and overall to family and love.

I wore this outfit (The Duchess set as i’ve decided to name it from shop_epiphany29) to church, and yes, I used a scarf to cover my shoulders (you didnt think I would walk into church like this right?) Lol.

After church we took lots and lots of pictures and then headed to Golden Tulip for lunch (buffet). You’ld think that I ate and ate right? Well like the local champion that I am, I stuck to just goat meat peppersoup and lots of chicken from the chicken stew, which tasted divine, while the others dared and went for chinese, indian and the likes. Neeever!!!

It was indeed a beautiful event and having all my siblings plus my nieces and nephews was such a delight. Enough to be grateful for really.

Its funny how we often take for granted the lil mercies like waking up in the morning, recovering from a flu or a headache, going out and coming back safely, and think it’s “normal”. Well it aint. God sees and protects us through it all day after day





Please be kind enough to follow my business page on Instagram to see the pieces I come up with. Just click on the link below.

And remember, Gratitude is the right attitude!!!


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  1. Hi Gracey,

    @ “local champion”. I also play safe when it comes to food. The devil you know is better than the unknown angel. Lol

    Ah, you look like royalty in the Duchess set, well done! I love the skirt fabric, an excellent fusion of texture and print.

    Gratitude for the big and not-so-big things is everything. One who gives praise will be raised 🙂

  2. Gratitude Is the right attitude I like that.
    Well happy birthday to your dad, many more years to come.
    Haha If you had worn that like that you would have been the devil in church lol, can imagine how the women would kill you with their eyes.
    Love the design of the top and the print of the skirt.
    Well girl I would have done the same thing, fancy food is not my thing lol

  3. Oh yeahhhh!!! I love this outfit! You look stunning! And happy belated birthday to your dad. You and chicken

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