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Friday Outfit – Denim N Capri Pants.


Seasons Greetings lavs *insert British accent*

The harmattan has finally graced us with it’s presence and I’m loving it. It’s usually the first thing that puts me in the festive mood followed by the decorations and carols. I haven’t got anything planned out yet so feel free to include me in your own plans.

Friday is not my favourite day of the week but it’s certainly a day one gets to dress down to work without being looked at funny(even though I can wear jeans Monday through Friday where I work). Most people tend towards natives but I own very few of those so I like to wear jeans or better still capris.

Friday Outfit Denim + Capris








When it comes to fashion I go for comfort first then my mood, followed by If it looks good on me. Yup, the three go hand in hand and work quite well for me. Today, my mood didn’t want or need anything clingy or tight coupled with the fact that I’ve been feeling a bit low for the past 4days, so this was a perfect choice for me.

Looking at these pictures I’m laughing cos my sis practically got me everything I’m wearing. The Denim shirt which is a Max Grey shirt btw, is hers though. The capris and shoes she gifted to me a while back. I guess these are some of the perks of having big sisters. I threw on the hat which I also wore here to serve as the only accessory I have on. It actually belongs to my dad. He’s got the coolest hats, fedoras, snap backs, you name it.

What do you like to wear on a Friday?

PS: I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway guys. Soooooooooon!!! I promise. Have a blessed weekend and like I said, don’t forget to include me in your Christmas plans.

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  1. Denim love all day! I love the laid back but fab look it gives and those shoes are awesome. I wish I had big sisters! I love fridays cos anything goes and I can wear almost anything.

  2. Dark khaki pants, a polo neck t-shirt and drivers or loafers are casual yet safe for fridays. After work u can go hang out in such outfit and during work if one kain meeting comes up u can just pull on that trusty blazer u have hanging close by

  3. You look lovely.

    Denim shirts have a way of adding cool factor to an outfit.

    Your dad has great taste. 🙂

    My Friday fashion varies, jeans or casual dresses. Ankara rarely makes an appearance.

    Have a nice week!

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