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Feeling Blue – Signs & How To Overcome It

Feeling Blue – Signs & How To Overcome It

Feeling Blue – sad or unwell, mainly associated with depression or unhappiness”

Lately, I’ve been feeling blue. My mood has been worse than grumpys own (one of the dwarfs in snowhite) and for a while I let myself sink into it not bothered about the effect(s) it is/was having on me.

The signs were there and though they vary in different individuals, i’ll share mine and how im currently dealing/overcoming the blues.

Feeling Blue...

1. I hardly want to get out of bed in the morning and I go right back to sleep the minute I can.

2. I want to be left alone at all times.  (although this is my default mood), it’s gotten worse.

3. Feeling completely sad and cannot explain why.

4. Unmotivated to do anything. Now you know why I haven’t bothered with a blog post or even sewing.

5. Staring at my phone refusing to receive calls, reply texts or even text anyone first save for just two people.

6. Easily irritated arrrgh!!!

7. No zeal to pray or go to church.

Now here’s what I do/I’m doing to overcome feeling blue…

1.I try not to spend so much time on my bed sleeping. Instead I write down my plans/goals and re structure my business plan for shop_epiphany29. 

2. I started reading books again. I grew up reading lots and lots of books and it always had a way of calming me and taking my mind off things.

3. I created a happy playlist and listen to it as often as I can. I even write down the lyrics sometimes and try to dance infront of my mirror lol.

4. I push myself to do the things I’ve put off. Procrastination isn’t going to help me anyway so I might as well face things at once.

5. Instead of brooding, I got a notepad dedicated to my business and I update it frequently with ideas and goals.  Fingers crossed.

6. I started praying and attending church again. To be honest, there is this joy/calmness I feel within whenever I worship.

7. I sew!!!

How do you deal with your off moods?  Please share using the comment box.  I would really like to know.



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  1. Hey girl! Don’t let it get to you. Whenever I feel blue or bad I just sleep. Say a prayer and try to focus on something positive . but one easy way for me to get over things is imagine when I will be interviewed in the future and I will consider this as one of those moment I almost gave up. Just keep up girl!

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