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Fears and Phobias…

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“A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger”.

“Fear is an adaptive human response. It serves a protective purpose, activating the automatic “fight-or-flight” response.

If you have a phobia, you probably realize that your fear is unreasonable, yet you still can’t control your feelings. Just thinking about the feared object or situation may make you anxious. And when you’re actually exposed to the thing you fear, the terror is automatic and overwhelming.

The other day, I walked into my friends bathroom and as I turned on the lights, perched right there on the wall, like it had been waiting for me was a cockroach. Now to some of you this might be nothing but to me it’s, it’s …. Words fail me. I stood there literally shaking. Goosebumps had formed on both arms and I felt like I was going to hurl at any moment. It’s safe to say I panicked. After what seemed like 5hrs, I quickly turned off the lights, shut the door and locked it like that would stop the cockroach from crawling out if it wanted to. I didn’t go back to that toilet the whole day.

I thought my reaction was a bit silly/extreme until I gisted a friend who said I probably have “Katsaridaphobia“.. Say what now?!!! Off to Google to look it up. Not only did I find that such was real, i found other terms that define all the phobias (not just fears) I have and the physical/emotional symptoms.

Physical signs and symptoms of a phobia

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Racing or pounding heart
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Feeling dizzy or light headed
  • A churning stomach
  • Hot or cold flashes; tingling sensations
  • Sweating

Emotional signs and symptoms of a phobia

  • Feeling of overwhelming anxiety or panic
  • Feeling an intense need to escape
  • Feeling “unreal” or detached from yourself
  • Fear of losing control or going crazy
  • Feeling like you’re going to die or pass out
  • Knowing that you’re overreacting, but feeling powerless to control your fear

Personally, I have a phobia for…

  • Heights – Acrophobia
  • Flying – Aviophobia (maybe I’ll tag this one fear)
  • Closed spaces – Claustrophobia
  • Cockroaches (esp the flying ones, creepy crawly insects and wasps) Katsaridaphobia, Herpetophobia, and Spheksophobia respectively.

So I kept reading and got to “how to overcome your phobias “. It involved making a list of my phobias, arranging them according to least scary to the most scary, working my way through these phobias and then practicing. I lost interest as soon as I read the working my way through my phobias. Am I supposed to stare at roaches or imagine them till I start getting comfy? Or am I to stand on the balcony of the 10th floor all in the name of practice? Certainly not me. So till better ways of overcoming these phobias are found, I guess I’m stuck with goosebumps and panick attacks anytime im faced with my phobias. Bummer.

What are your fears and phobias? Have you overcome them? How? Please share.

You can find a list of phobias Here.


Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Ihuoma says:

    Quite an interesting topic. I found the Phobias list particularly educative. I have a phobia for Pain- Algophobia, Sexual abuse-Agraphobia- and Heights-Altophobia. Algophobia particularly used to be a huge issue for me as i would result to painkillers and other meds at the slightest notch of pain. I say ‘used to’ because Christ changed everything. I met Him and to learned to trust Him and accept pain as a complete package for the everyday life. Cast all my cares. Its not gone completely but a least i don’t take painkillers for insect bites anymore… lol

  • chidi banks says:

    Heights – acrophobia
    Wild animals – agrizoophobia
    Water -Aquaphobia
    Astraphobia – thunder and lightning
    Necrophobia – death
    Nyctophobia – fear of the dark

    Well these are the basic phobias I hv…..tho wen it comes to water my brother’s kept throwing me in a pool till I forcefully learnt how to swim and I hv ventured 2boat rides in my life….but I’m still afraid any mass of water larger than a swimming pool (which sane person isn’t)…….the other phobias I’m not even considering facing

  • efegigi says:

    I hate things in bits,pieces and fragments, don’t fear anything……… bado like dat.

  • En_kay says:

    My greatest phobia has always been molds/ goosbumbs come out like pimples and I can’t breath..which is why am not really a fan of wet places…flying cockroaches are just plain annoying and as much as I hate them,they gotta die bruhh!!!
    Cracked lips are almost a phobia too.. makes me want to puke..eww

  • francis says:

    Some of these names sound like terminal diseases o! I had an experience with a chicken we beheaded once. It stood up and was running around like a chicken wit it’s head cut off!!!! (yeah I know that’s wat it’s was). I swear chickens must be otherworldly. How can a headless creature run around for so long? Is that a phobia? Cause I’m never killing another. In fact I’m giving them a wide berth cos if they can do that, I’m not sure I’d come out winner in a fight. Zombies

  • MsTomie says:

    Oh well I have musophobia that’s fear of rat I immediately panic and start to run when I see a rat..i didn’t sleep in my room for weeks when I saw a rat in it once

  • ann says:

    No phobia mehn……gat Jesus!

  • Nedoux says:

    Ah! I once left my bedroom for a cockroach, I ran away with my pillow and slept on the couch. I have Trypophobia, I advise you not to google this, it might make your skin crawl. Not sure how to overcome it, though, I just avert my gaze if I see a likely trigger.

  • Jen says:

    I’m not sure I have any phobias. Or maybe I can’t think of any right now. But if you said OCDs, I could have written you a list! LOL
    Nigerian and Natural

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