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Fashionistas On My Radar PT2


Hey guys!

Welcome to yet another beeyuteeful week. I remain grateful to God always for keeping us all.

Last week, I put up the first part of the Fashionistas on my radar which you can read here and promised to put up the second part so here it is.



I am Dodos of Iamdodos Blog



Nkechinyere of stylebyenkays Blog



Linda of Lindasworldofstyle Blog



TheOluchi of Fineigbogirl Blog



       Christiana of Tianablacx Blog

And it’s a wrap!!! I know I haven’t really put up outfit posts lately. It’s been crazy o. From looking for locations, to looking for someone to take my pictures, coupled with the fact that I’ve been working on a project and my camera battery charger blew. Chei!!  Hopefully all that will be sorted out soon.

I have also developed alil interest in makeup so I decided to learn the basics. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you all my basic makeup look that turned in a photo shoot looool. Till then darlings.

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  1. I love Dodos’ style, she epitomizes clean minimalism and reminds me of a freshly painted white wall 🙂

    I will check out the others’ blogs.

    Thank you for sharing, have a super productive week!

  2. Thank you love…you’ve won my heart for typing my name in full…no one does that anymore *sad face*.my phone is spoilt so am just seeing this now…Thanks for the feature

    and don’t worry..I will buy you a new camera…it’s just small money :p

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