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There is a huge misconception in the minds of so many concerning fashion bloggers. Most people think we have so much money as it seems we are always sporting new clothes and hardly repeating outfits. Well, I am here to say fa fa fa fooowl.the notion isn’t entirely true.

Well maybe it is for some fashion bloggers, but for me it’s not. So today, I am sharing a few of my fashion on a budget tips.

Fashion on a budget…

ThriftingLike most people, I thrift. From shoes, to bags, to belts, sometimes clothes you name it. There are so many cool thrift and vintage stores on Instagram that sell cool pieces at steal prices.

Sales:  Wait for clearance sales or discount sales from your favorite stores to cop those pieces you’ve been eyeing.

Shop smart: Buy durable items, staple items, and items you really need not just because they are pretty and you have to have them. You shouod always go for clothings you can always mix and match with other things in your wardrobe.

DIY: You can save yourself some money by trying your hands on some DIY. Creating and recreating new outfits from old clothings is a huge plus.

Learn to sew or get a reliable tailor: I must say that ever since I learnt how to sew, I have reduced how I shop. Now, when I see things I like, I simply buy fabric and make something similar. Smart eh?! *wink*

Raid your sister(s) Wardrobe: Now as funny as this might sound it’s actually true. Big sisters dont mind spending money on clothes so why not help them rock ’em ?

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Fashion on a budget

Outfit details:

Pinafore culottes: From tradefair 1k

Black top: @retroaddicts 1k

Shoes: Random buy 3k

Now that’s fashion on a budget ???

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