Fashion Infusion ~ Mixture of African fashion and textiles blended with contemporary (Modern) fashion. 

Hey loves, happy Sunday! I have been a bit hesitant putting up any post ‘cos my hosting provider has been misbehaving badly and my site has been suffering enough downtime. It sucks!

Fashion Infusion

I must say I am a new lover of African textile. I never really fancied wearing African prints cos I grew up with the mindset that they were for ‘older’ people.

Growing up, I would see my mum and aunts adorn themselves in well-tailored beautiful African print and all that came to mind was, ‘When I’m much older,  I’ll wear such too’….

Fashion Fusion… Fashion infusion

I am super thrilled that the fashion world has and is still evolving.

These days, most Outfits I see made with African prints now have a modern feel with the infusion of other kinds of fabric. I love it!

Another way is to wear a top like mine with your one piece.

Fashion Infusion

Apart from it being stylish, it is gradually helping me embrace my new love for African prints.

Don’t get me wrong, we have the most gorgeous fabrics ever but personally, they just started growing on me.

Fashion Infusion

I made this skirt a long time ago for a wedding (asoebi) and dumped it afterwards cos I simply didn’t know what to do with it. Thank goodness for #Fashiongrowth lol.

Fashion infusion

Fashion infusion

Isn’t it funny how these days when I go fabric shopping, I can’t seem to get enough of our African prints.

How do you wear yours? Do you keep it strictly traditional looking or you add a little twist to yours?  Please share using the comment box below.

Kisses loves!!!

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