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Fashion illustrations by Adrian Valencia.


Fashion illustrations and illustrators have always caught my eye. The way they bring drawings to life is simply amazing…

I’ve always wished I knew how to draw, and often wondered if it can be learnt or one has to have that in born skill. Anyway, as a wallpaper collector (say nothing), I’m constantly searching and surfing different platforms in the bid to find and of cos save cute wallpapers. For the past 4days, I have been on pinterest (you can follow me by clicking Here) looking for wallpapers and that’s when I stumbled on Adrians pins and illustrations and I was blown away. The attitude he gives to his drawings plus the way he takes out time to capture every single detail of the outfits is mind blowing.

If you watch all them Gala, Sag, Oscar awards, you might just recognise some of these ladies and their outfits. Lets play a lil game shall we? Can you name the ladies?











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  1. Hi Gracey,

    I also admire Fashion illustration, I actually took a course about 3 years ago but I still came out no better than I did at the beginning, the best I can draw is straggly stick-figures that barely look human.

    I think drawing and painting are talents that one has to be born with, you either have it or you don’t. Or maybe practise makes perfect. 😀

    Nigeria’s Claire Idera creates really beautiful work too, her instagram page is great.

    Hahaha! Lady 1 looks like Taylor Swift, Lady 2 looks like Lady Gaga, Ladies 3 and 5 look like Rihanna, Lady 6 looks like Beyonce, the others I can’t recognise.

    1. Hey Nedu,

      You took a course? Nice… Haaa too bad you feel you came out no better than in the beginning but I’m sure you learnt a thing or two. Yes, Claire is amaaazing. I follow her on instagram.

      Yes Yes Yes, you guessed the ladies right.

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