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Fashion Forward – Monochrome & Tulle Dress Giveaway [ Closed ]

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Fashion forward

Fashion forward: interested in fashion and wearing things that will soon become fashionable.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe in the beauty of my dreams and that’s why I started pursing them against all odds. I love fashion and I love dressing up and I keep it real by staying true to my sense of style.

Even though every now and then I try on a piece or two that get people saying ‘wow who would have thought’, you will still find elements of me in the outfit.

I finished fashion school last year and i’ve held back on production due to various reasons and factors but the one that stands out is the thought and question I’ve struggled with.

How do I thrive if I limit myself to producing outfits that are birthed soley out of my personal style? 

But it occured to me that my mind has no limits and what I wear isnt a complete reflection of my creativity. With this in mind expect production to commence soon. Yaaay!

I love rare pieces as well. I own some just cos I love them but hardly ever wear them and this beautiful monocrome tulle dress is one of them.

The idea of infusing two of my best things got me. You all know I love black, white then black and white right? Mix that up with tulle, *swoons* youve got me.

I didnt want it to be boring so I opted for my pink heels. A pop of color to bring it all together.

I love this dress but I got it with the intention of giving it away. I only wore it for the shoot.

Fashion Forward...Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Rules to winning this dress are simple. Follow me on instagram (link below), leave a comment here stating where you would wear this dress to. Winner will be announced on Saturday.

PS: dress will fit a size 8 /small 10.

Fashion forward

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