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Fashion Essentials – Basic Everyday Needs

Fashion Essentials – Basic Everyday Needs

Fact: We constantly find ourselves with a growing pile of impulse purchases that we barely wear…

Yet fall back to basic,  yet necessary items for our day-to-day outings.

This goes to show that even though we sometimes like to shop & splurge, we all have fashion essentials (based on our personal style) we fall back to when we simply can’t decide on what to wear.

I decided to share with you all my fashion essentials when it comes to my day to day dress up routine.

They make dressing up everyday a lot easier and when paired the right way leaves one looking all stylish.

Fashion Essentials…

Fashion essentials

I love denim because they are so versatile and can be dressed casually or even made to look semi formal.

Fashion essentials


I hate wearing my glasses for events and ‘serious’ outings so I wear my contacts and protect them from sand or particles with my shades.

Asides that, they also give outfits that extra edge.

Fashion essentials


Ever since I bought this backpack, it has been my go to and to go bag. It’s just so convenient and trendy as well.

Fashion Essentials


I am not really a fan of shoes. I rather wear bathroom slippers or sandals and my sis is so tired of me. Truth be told they are more comfortable than shoes lol.

Fashion Essentials

Arm Candy

I love wristwatches and charm bracelets but I haven’t found any really nice charm bracelets to buy online/ in stores.

Fashion Essentials


I wear a lot of  tees (black mostly) and most of them are plain so I accessories with cool badges/pins.

Fashion Essentials

Black Tee

You guys already know I love black tees.  Most of them are plain but I have quite a number with cool inscriptions/designs.

So guys,  these are my basic fashion essentials.  Kindly share yours using the comment box.

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. I need to add sandals to my essentials o. I own fancy slippers thanks to you remains sandals and backpack.
    In my mind I think I look like a blindy wearing shades.

  2. Awww.. I love your basic fashion essentials? Mine are denim, tees, purse, earrings, sandals, bracelets and I’m good. I’m trying to add glasses to my basics. Lovely post?

  3. I have not really been a badge/pin person, I don’t know why. A coursemate back then in school, I remember there wasn’t a day in the whole of my years in school that she didn’t use a badge on her top/dress/short. Every single day.

    I need a black tee. You wouldn’t believe I own zero tees

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